Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Chayne Circle Saga

Alexandria Bay

The few residents that live on Chayne Circle have not been afforded the same convenience of curb side garbage pick up as the rest of the residents in the Bay.  Most of us only have to drag/carry garbage cans [with lids] only a few feet to the curb for weekly pick up.  For the past several months residents of Chayne Circle have had to drag/carry garbage containers 100 ft or so to the Walton St Curb.  Previously, garbage pick up for these residents has been just several feet from their door steps.  

Map of Election District 4
The argument..... Chayne Circle is classified as a fire lane, not a village street.  This has been a ridiculous one sided and ongoing argument, debate, pissing match, that has gone on since earlier this spring.  The residents are not at fault... this is a classic case of a power struggle and the village boards lack of ability to manage it's personnel.  The board opted to string this along by giving it to the lawyer and surveyors.  And as you all know once a lawyer is invlolved.... the results slow way down.  The video at the bottom is from the 11.22.11 village board meeting and  shows that the problem has apparently been resolved.  The final price tag is unknown.

So what is the purpose of  the ED 4 map?  You will notice that their is a chain of islands that are included within the village limits.  The summer residents of these islands pay village taxes.  They are also entitled to island garbage pickup. A service that has been provided without interruption for years.  One village official stated that picking up garbage was the least that we could do for the taxes they pay.  Soooo during the summer, village employees launch a boat and island hop picking up garbage.  The garbage is then removed from the boat and of course the boat has to be cleaned.  I am sure this process takes all day. Picking up the garbage on Chayne Circle would take only a few minutes.  I am not saying that the island people should not receive this serviceMy point is this, which village street[s] are located on these islands?  There are no streets, nor are there any fire lanes.  It is just a service that the village provides with no questions asked.

Another point I would like to make.  One of the residents of Chayne Circle is a lady who many of us view as  a respected village elder.  How could anyone in good consciousness let her drag her garbage 100 feet to the curb so that an able bodied village employee does not have to drive up to her door step to pick it up for herSleep tight......

There is hope. We have a new mayor and an almost brand new board. I am hoping that this or any similar Saga's do not appear as a sequel.