Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Riveredge Manager Requests Letter of Support

This morning Newzjunky released an exclusive story regarding a summons that was issued on behalf of Riveredge Resort & Spa LLC and Jyoti Johal against the General Manager of Riveredge C. Penrose.  The audio below is from a village board meeting April 12th 2011.   In this audio, Penrose asks the board for a letter of support for  Johal and Benisasia.  Evidently the friendly relationship between Penrose and Johal has changed since the meeting in April.

Alexandria Bay April 12th 2011

Riveredge Resorts Manager Christine Penrose requests a letter of support from the Alex Bay Village board to help expedite the I.N.S. work visa process for Johal and Benisasia.  Johal and Benisasia are Canadian citizens and at that time were attempting to purchase the Riveredge Resorts from the owner Dr. Mathis.  A visa was needed to purchase the resort.