Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Roll Call Faux Pas

Alexandria Bay

Last night was Mayor Jury's first official board meeting.  Unfortunately, some old habits die hard.  A roll call attendance was taken at the beginning of the meeting.  The roll call was going well until the clerk got to the mayor and mistakenly called the former mayors name instead of Miss Jury's name.  I can see how the clerk may have been a little flustered, since the former mayor is now sitting in the audience with the rest of us citizens. I thought it was always customary for the outgoing mayor to give the new mayor a little space, at least for the first few months?  After all, when Mr. Robb became mayor, then outgoing Mayor Simpson extended that courtesy and only showed up to board meeting when he had a concern.  Which in the past four years may have been four times.....Below is the video of the board roll call....