Saturday, December 10, 2011

Walking On The Moon

No matter where I go, it seems that the battle of Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays wages on.  Recently a teacher from Michigan  removed the word gay  from the Christmas carol Deck the Halls.  His reason.... kids were snickering at the lyrics.  I got news for you... kids have been snickering at those lyrics since I was a kid and probably when my dad was a kid.

So what does that have to do with Walking On The Moon?  Actually nothing at all.  What I want to offer you is a chance to escape from the Holiday Rush by watching a music video I just completed.  A two minute trip to the moon might put you back in the mood to Deck The Halls........Don we now our gay apparel....

Phil DuMond, David Knapp, DJ Rogers, Pat Shanahan and Brian Purwin performing this Police classic... Walking On The Moon