Sunday, March 18, 2012

A.C.S. Courses On The Chopping Block

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I am not sure what went on Friday behind the closed doors of Superintendent Wagoner's office.  Some say that the classes marked as unmandated  are being removed from the course offerings at ACS for the 2012 - 2013.  Therefore the teacher hired to teach that course was advised on Friday of the possibility that the course might not be available in the coming school year.  In a sense, the courses are getting the pink slips not the teachers.  Depending on each teachers certification, tenure, and seniority will determine whether a teacher will ultimately get the "pink slip".  The number of teachers affected is unclear at this time.
Sources also tell me that the position of the A.C.S. B.O.E. after the 3.13.12 Budget meeting was  Take no action at this time, regarding notification of teachers.  I wonder what motivated Superintendent Wagoner to deviate from the boards decision?  The next ACS Budget Meeting will be held on 3.20.12 @ 6:30pm.

Yesterday there was lots of chatter on Facebook about the Alexandria Central School Budget.  There were some outraged parents clamoring about teachers getting "pink slips" in the middle of the school day on Friday.  Here are samples of the comments from Facebook posts:

Who in the HELL thought it was a good idea to give teachers pink slips in the middle of the day? My kids came home hysterical. I don't blame the teachers you have to give someone time to digest something like that. They haven't even given the community a chance to support them. STUPID.
So much for community mtgs....there is supposed to be one Tuesday night
One. Teacher had to go to ER cuz she's due in two wks and it raised her BP. Also another one got a call while she had a class!!!
If parents (and other taxpayers who care about young people) don't start telling their elected representatives at every level to support their schools instead of punishing them, public education in this state is going to suffer tremendously.
They should have waited until the end of the day but Cuomo is making this reality. I'm sure the BOE isn't enjoying this.
The Albany Times Union reported the other day that "The governor STILL THINKS the right way to do it  is through performance grants, because it's getting the money to the districts that need it the most and are performing the best..."
Bloggers Note: 
The Legislature is doing their "thing" in Albany.  To me, it appears that Coumo will get his way with performance based grants to schools.  If you are waiting for an 11th hour reprieve then you are wasting your time.  The only effective action that we as a community can take is to attend the ACS Budget meetings.  These meetings are not just for adults, bring your children too.  Students, if your parents can not go, then you should attend these meetings.  IT IS YOUR SCHOOL!