Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A.C.S. B.O.E. Meeting Pt. I

After the events that transpired on Friday during the school day, tonight's meeting was well attended. Approximately 175 concerned parents, teachers, and students attended this Special Meeting of the A.C.S. B.O.E.. A list of Budget Options for the 2012-13 school year was the focal point of the meeting.  The meeting lasted 2.5 hours with most of it opened for public comment.  Pt. I audio clip sets the tone for the meeting. Board member, Richard LeClerc had requested at a previous meeting that all the budget options show the number of students impacted and the cost to keep each option in this years budget.  His request was apparently ignored by the administration. LeClerc wanted us all to clearly see the big picture.... the forest through the trees.  Instead, Superintendent Wagoner spoon fed the crowd with  a presentation littered with a smattering of facts and figures.  Below is the audio clip that starts about 19 minutes into the meeting.  Over the next few days I will be posting parent, teacher, and student comments from the meeting.

The following are the A.C.S. B.O.E Members
Mr. Stephen Dreizler - President
Mr. William Farman - Vice President
Ms. Patricia Aitcheson 
Ms. Nicole Bartlett
Mr. Richard LeClerc
Mr. Larry McCauley
Ms. Cathryn "Sam" Munna