Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pay To Play

The rules for comments from the public have been clearly stated for the past 3 board meetings. They can be heard in the audio clip below. I tested the rules by raising my hand to question an agenda item and I was not recognized by the board until the public comments at the end of the meeting.  I was a little annoyed since someone else, earlier in the meeting did not even raise their hand, just started talking, with no objections from the board.

Richard Drake's Diving Unlimited event was on the agenda and he had the floor and was conversing with the board.  At this moment during the meeting, it looked as tho the event discussion was going to be tabled till the next meeting.  Trustee Williams was making a suggestion to Drake when Williams stopped in mid sentence with an audible OOOPS, as if he had just been caught by the teacher talking in the back of the classroom.  As I mentioned before, that was Mr. Thomson interrupting Trustee Williams with his "2 cents" directed to "Danielle".  Personally I do not have a problem with anyone's opinion, but rules are rules and they apply to everyone.  As a result of Mr. Thomson's remarks, the board did an abrupt about face and approved the event.  Trustee Jarvis can be heard mumbling to Mayor Jury that he wanted to make a motion to approve the event at the tale end of Thomsons remarks.

There are some that say this is an example of Cronyism, elitism or Pay to Play.  I hope that this not the case.  Like I said before, I have a lot of faith in this board.  After all, any preferential treatment because of an implied "you owe me I got you elected" would be......?  Unethical!

Pay To Play defined {link}