Sunday, March 31, 2013

April Fools Warning

I Started A Joke, a Bee Gees  tune has been stuck in my head since the middle of February. The song is about someone who played a joke and how it went terribly wrong, resulting in alienation. The following story is about My alienation. 

I had good intentions, honestly I Did.  It all started with a birthday wish.  But my friend did not want anyone to know it was his birthday, and even asked me not to post it on Facebook.  But I posted it anyways, assuming that most people in the long run would not harbor any ill feelings. What I did does not really constitute a joke, it is more of a zinger, or a gotcha!  All good, or so I thought. 

My Friend one upped me, with a gotcha of his own.  Actually, the way he played it out was more like a quadruple gotcha.  I sent him a text.... no reply.  I waited a few more days and sent an reply.  A few anonymous pranksters who were watching from the sidelines put into motion their own prank, and I fell for it, hook line and sinker. At this point, I felt that my friends "gotcha" had gone to far and way to long.  I sent an email to a relative, later I regretted  that move.  But it did have one merit,  my friend finally opened up the communications.

As I found out 2 weeks later, my friend was mildly annoyed with my unwanted birthday wish on Facebook.  He was also extremely annoyed with  my reactions to the zinger he played on me.  My reactions were simply escalated because his zinger or gotcha was not revealed within what most would consider an acceptable amount of time.  Simply put, I was made to sweat it out [for 2 weeks] which in my opinion borderlines on cruelty.  Our friendship, if there ever was one, is now gone....

Do I believe in the forgiveness of sins?  That was one of the questions Fr. Comstock asked the congregation during today's Easter Mass.  And of course we all replied yes.  Something else that made me sit up and take notice was a line in the Our Father.   Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us....

I am not the best Christian.... I am also aware of my many faults.  One of them being to introspective.  So what do I expect from this post?  Nothing.... It is not about the other person, it is entirely about my perspective on what has happened over the past month.  Do I expect anything good to come from this post, like the mending of a friendship. Nope!  I simply expect nothing.

Dear Fr. Comstock, even though I found it difficult to hear you this morning,  I did use the time to do some soul searching.  Thank You!

Dear Readers, Today is Easter Sunday, and tomorrow is April 1st, April Fools Day..... before you play an innocent prank or a joke on someone....... think twice

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