Thursday, March 21, 2013

Oculauditory Impact

I received this email several days ago, and I thought I would share it with you.  I am not anti-wind but I am for wind farms being placed in a location with the least oculauditory impact. 
Oculauditory [\¦äkyə¦lȯˌtōrē\]..... is a pretty cool word, it is the combination of the senses of Sight and Sound.  Please take a few minutes to read this and then take  a few more minutes to consider what the author is sharing....
Let me explain the recent absence of crohmails. After 4 1/2 years, I decided to give everyone a break from the constant barrage of wind related information, knowing full well the industrial wind scam continues to impact us but wanting to change my former routine. When you now receive a crohmail, you will know it is being sent because I feel there is something you should know or there is something I need help with.

First...let me start with something you should know. We applaud the efforts of Supervisor Ron Bertram who is currently leading an effort that includes towns and villages along the water,from Cape Vincent to Morristown, who are interested in having the 1000 Islands-St. Lawrence River region recognized as a top scenic area in the state, a designation it has long deserved but never received. Most people are not aware such a distinction exists as the Hudson River Valley and the East Hampton are the only two areas in the state currently designated Scenic Areas of Statewide Significance (SASS). The increased recognition of this area by the rest of the world will do nothing but help the economic viability of the region.

Secondly... let me talk about what I need help with. As many of you know, as of last week all that remains of Iberdrola's largest wind measurement tower in Hammond are the tracks of the trucks that carried it away. The remaining two small test towers will come down soon, making this foreign corporate scammer's presence a thing of the past. Their exit brings to an end an era of turmoil and divisiveness among community residents and gives us hope there is a chance we can now move on to explore real possibilities for growth in the Hammond and Chippewa areas.

While the exit of Iberdrola is a welcome move for Hammond, we must not forget our neighbors upriver in Cape Vincent and Lyme. We must remain committed to keeping the 1000 Islands free from the devastation and destruction industrial wind would bring to the region. The town boards along with the planning and zone boards of the these towns are doing an amazing job of informing themselves of the multiple details of the Article 10 process and are challenging the inappropriate behaviors of the foreign corporate invader British Petroleum (BP) who is threatening to forever change the Cape Vincent and Lyme landscape. (That would be the same company that continues to pay billions of dollars for the death and destruction it caused in the Gulf.) We cannot let that happen. WE MUST PROTECT THE 1000 ISLANDS AT ALL COSTS! 
YOU HAVE THE POWER TO AFFECT THE ARTICLE 10 PROCESS and IT ONLY TAKES MINUTES TO DO SO. The NYS Public Service Commission Article 10 Siting Board is listening and wants to know how you feel about this type of industrial development. They encourage anyone who has comments to make about the proposed Cape Vincent/Lymeindustrial wind project to EMAIL THEIR WEBSITE (see flyer below for address). So far they have heard from almost 230 people with the vast majority of those comments voicingsupport for Protecting the 1000 Islands. 230 responses is good, but there are 1000's of people who live here or visit this area and could make their feelings known and have their voices heard. All of these comments will become part of the record that will be used by the Article 10 Siting board to decide whether or not to site a wind project in this area. All an industrial winddeveloper needs is one project in this region... one foot in the door... and they will not stopuntil they have blanketed the area with "500' towers of destruction".

THIS IS WHERE YOUR HELP IS NEEDED... It's important to reach as many people as possible. 
Two things you can do after reading the flyer below that includes an email address to post comments: 
1) If you have not posted a comment, we urge you to do so TODAY (before something else comes up and you forget to do it). Remember, if you don't like to write, it only has to be a paragraph expressing your feelings about Preserving and Protecting the 1000 Islands and its scenic beauty.
2) If you have posted a comment, please pass this email along to friends and family who are not yet aware or who have not posted comments. Then follow up with a phone call to make sure they understand what you're asking them to do. Let them know you are anxious to have them join in the "Movement to Protect the 1000 Islands". Visit the website listed on the flyer to see all posted comments.
Many of you have expressed appreciation for the time and effort put forth by the Concerned Residents over the last several years during the industrial wind struggle in Hammond. You canshow your appreciation by helping make this movement successful in its goal to PROTECTthe "Greatest Place on Earth". 

THANK YOU once more for all your past support. Please consider throwing your support behind this endeavor.