Wednesday, March 27, 2013

River Hospital Progress Report 2013

Alexandria Bay:

Recently, Andrea Bates, Executive Director of Development at the River Hospital presented a "progress report" to the Village Board,  reviewing the accomplishments from 2012 and the new plans for 2013.  The audio below is from that portion of the meeting.  Give it a listen.....

This year has been the worst seasons for the flu and common cold. Just before Christmas I was knocked out by one of the nastiest bouts of influenza that I can remember. And as I reported back then, a trip to the River Hospital Convenient Care cured me of all those ailments.

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Sick Again..... Hack Hack.... sniffle sniffle.... AAaachoo! For the past week, I have had this cough and now the sinus sniffles seem to have set up camp right behind my eyes. I knew that I waited to long and should have gotten the "jump" on it days ago, so today I made an appointment at the RH Convenient Care. LPN Marcia Graves welcomed me into the exam room. I told her what was ailing me and she gave me some practical advice about drinking more healthy fluids which would help loosen up that sticky paste [ewww] that has been rattling around my lungs and sinuses.

Doc Burris came in next, she made me feel at home and offered some more grass roots advice and then she wrote a script to help battle those pesky microbes. I was in and out in less than 30 minutes, confident that I will be on the mend in less than a couple of days. Nice weather is right around the corner, so don't let a late season flu or cold keep you from going outside to enjoy the nice weather or ruin your vacation. If you feel something "coming on" nip that little bugger in the _ _ _ _

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