Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dysfunctional Boards

There was an article that appeared in the WDT back on January 15th. Kind of an odd piece about dysfunctional school boards in the North Country.  Click Here to read this article.   Did you click that link and read the article?  As you read the article, every time the author mentions school board, replace it with one of the following:

  • Local Government Boards.
  • Board of Directors [profit and non].
  • Various Sporting Club Boards.
  • Small Community Boards.
  • Councils and Committees.

Every where you go there are boards, councils, or committees.  Most have mission statements, bylaws, policies, ordinances etc. All the ingredients that make the group look like they are above board. The majority of this written stuff has been reworked, molded, and tweaked over the years by previous members to reflect that organizations agenda's interests at the time.

The use of  Robert's Rules Of Order and Parliamentary Procedure at meetings can be confusing and mystifying to most of us.  We are supposed to be dazzled by their barrage of Motions, Yay's and Nay's , I'll second that, so moved, tabled, etc.  Don't be intimidated or fooled by any of this stuff.  Most of the people in charge of meetings have just glanced at the rules and over time have lost sight of the Rules and Procedures. They just go through the motions of making motions creating the illusion that progress is being made for the group they serve or represent.

So what is my point?  Boards are like the planks on a wood boat or deck!  They get worn, cupped, cracked, or rotted! Sometimes you can fix a small section and other times  you have to start from scratch and replace all of them.

This is just a Sunday morning rant to annoy you.

To quote my new friend LiberalLaugh over at PoliticalIV:

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LiberalLaugh said...

I still have nightmares from the days I had to attend school board meetings.