Saturday, March 28, 2009

VB Says No to Feds Stimulus Money

But they refuse to comment on this with WWNY reporters. Instead the VB uses R. Drake as their spokesman.  Just WTF is going on here?

Below are the minutes of a Special VB meeting held on March 5th 2009. Click on each for a larger view of the documents

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Hammonite said...

JC Here is a topic I am pretty passionate about. I chuckled at the news story.I fondly remember being chased of the pavillion a number of years ago when I was Scuba Diving off the Seawall by a " village employee" .

I think we all agree a riverfront revitalization is desparatley needed in Abay. Our Canadian neighbors really seem to have it going on in regards to this compared to us.

I can understand some uneasiness on the part of the Abay resident , as they might correlate a tax rate increase in order to come up with the other 200 K and change.

The route that the board went can certainly be termed "a gamble" But I have to say , I think they made the right choice. In this economy what if the selected contractors went belly up ?? The village , and ultimatly the village residents would suffer for it if the deadlines couldnt be met. At least the way they went the project wouldnt be at the mercy of the people doing the work .

You are right to question where the other part of the money would come from , and the resultant impact on your pocket... There may be other grant avenues available to come up with the balance.... I would ask this question .