Tuesday, March 10, 2009

VB Meeting March 10 2009

 *Later Added

The Audio from tonights meeting can be heard here.

Hawking and Peddling Law can be heard @10m:00s

I was surprised to see a huge delegation from the COC at tonight's VB meeting.  Yes I said HUGE-Ah!  They looked forewarned and forearmed, loaded with munitions of signed letters and posters wanting to open a can of whoop ass on somone.  The president looked as cool as a cucumber, unrattled and calm as he usually does.  The others looked like they wanted B-l-o-o-d!  Looking for a fight where none existed.  When the VB passed a motion to NOT change the hawking and peddling law,  the COC crew left quietly.  It has been the past practice of previous VB's to give the COC leeway when it comes to Village Laws and Ordinances when a sanctioned event takes place.  Bending of the laws can sometimes be abused.  ENOUGH SAID!

Dock of A Bay Dancing request Dancing permit @ 18m:40s
Lock replacement in Fire Hall @ 30m:00s
Village Garbage Truck refurbished @ 34m:00s
Old Chamber Building Needs a New Roof @ 38m:50s
*All sorts of shows on TV about how to get your house ready to sell and get TOP $.  Aside from the kitchen, one of the things that the hosts from these shows talk about is curb appeal.  The roof needs to be leak free and esthetically pleasing.  Now it seems that the Village is going to keep This Old Building and it does need a new roof.  I guess the previous interested buyers did not care about the condition of the roof.  They were going to fix the roof with a bulldozer

ACS Varsity Soccer & Softball fundraiser request @ 57m:18s


curmudgeon said...

I am so happy that the Chamber of Commerce, the Village Board and a few "independent" merchants all agree that it is much more beneficial to support local groups who need money, than to bring in out of state food vendors to serve god knows what, in our public parks.
My offer to assist any not-for-profits who need help in setting up a concession for events, still stands.

Anonymous said...

A private club is exactly that. Tell me again JarJar what are we all planing to charge for a small soda.

J.C. said...


Seasonal Out Of Town Property Owner said...
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J.C. said...

Posted your comment seasonal out of town......
no guarantees how long it was going to stay up

Anonymous said...

Abay Circus, what does idjut mean and why didn't you post my comment ????