Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Conservatism Defined!

Jonathan Krohn is a 14 year old blah blah blah....barf barf
Check out his web page.  This kid is the reason the super atomic wedgy was invented.  Can you say Irrifukatating?  Better hope he never gets elected!


Anonymous said...

Definitely a douche bag squared.
Johnny boy is the latest invention brought to us by 'A Stage Mother and Father Partnership'.
Who remembers Marjoe the Preacher, from way back in the Nixon years.

curmudgeon said...

ahhhh...Marjoe Gortner, a preacher invented by his preacher parents, who later saw the hypocrasy of his upbringing.
A goof, for sure, but he later walked the walk as a psycho in "When You Comin' Back, Red Ryder?" A great film with a great cast, that went nowhere.
Maybe there's hope for this young, trainable idiot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks curmudgeon for reminding me about Marjoe's film, When You Comin' Back, Red Ryder, a true seventies classic.

DoTsTeR said...

what a frackin tool that kid is.. somebody should shoot the little fucker and save us all from listening to anything that might come out of it's mouth in the future..

Anonymous said...

DoTsTeR, please, please, please its not the kids fault. The blame falls squarely on Mr. and Mrs. Krohn. Ever watch your children in kindergarden playing with children of other races or religious groups, there never is a problem. Its their parents that teach hatred. That was Marjoe's whole point, he wasted most of his life with false beliefs and hatred before he became wise and just about his fellow man.

J.C. said...

It may not be the kids fault now! But someday he is going to be an adult and will have to be responsible for his actions. Nobody ever blamed Hitler's parents for the atrocities he committed.