Thursday, May 10, 2012

Alexandria Negotiations?

Town Of Alexandria:

This audio clip is from the Town Board Meeting held on 5.9.12.  A brief discussion of the appointment of 2 councilman to act on behalf of  the board and negotiate with the Teamsters Union that represents the Town Employees. Supervisor Hunneyman accepted volunteers Councilmen Durand and Sweet.  Town Clerk Peck mentions a possible conflict of allowing Durand to negotiate because he has more than one relative that belongs to that collective bargaining unit. Durand even questions if it is ok?  Under advice of council, J. Russell gives it the ok by saying that  If you live in this town you've got relatives

The following is from the Town of Alexandria Code of Ethics that was adopted on 3.14.12.  Seems cut and dry to me.  Maybe everyone did not get a chance to read it?  I am sure the argument can be made that I am misinterpreting this.  If that is the case, then who am I to argue? Just a taxpayer.

Section 7. Recusal and abstenation

(a)   No municipal officer or employee may participate in any decision or take any official action with respect to any matter requiring the exercise of discretion, including discussing the matter and voting on it, when he or she knows or has reason to know that the action confers direct or indirect financial or material benefit on himself, or herself, a relative[s]......

(b)   In the event that this section prohibits a municipal officer or employee from exercising or performing a power or duty:

        (1) if the power or duty vested in a municipal officer as member of board, then the power or  duty   shall  be  exercised  or performed by the other members of the board