Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hospital Chokes Out Business In The Bay

Here is an example of a turn of events that the local newspapers do not report on.  At the 4.24.12  Alex Bay Village board meeting R.C. Congel requested the use of the Upper James St Docks for their annual in the water boat show.  This show had for many years been held at the Riveredge Resort transient docks.  But the resort had recently changed the transient dockage into seasonal docking, making it almost impossible for Congels to hold an in the water boat show there.  Congels was prepared to pay the village $3,800.00 in slip fees for the ten day event.  Depending on the weather/economy, dock fees for entire month of any given June can be anywhere from $3000 to $5000!

This would have been the first June in many years that the Upper James St. Docks would have had an event scheduled every weekend.  Events like the Small Fry Fishing Derby and the Poker Runs America.  The village board eagerly approved the boat show, anticipating the extra dock fee revenue and also knowing that the prospective boat buyers would be visiting local shops, restaurants, and bars during the ten day event. 

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After Congels made the big hurdle with approval of the use of the docks from the village, the next step was to find a place to put the brokers tent.  The tent needed to be in a location where potential customers could comfortably seal the deals for their dream boat. A parking lot which is owned by Cavallario's Steak House and is being leased to the hospital for employees who now  work in offices at the former building known as C.P. Romans Nite Club, seemed like the perfect location. Representatives from Congels had also contacted Cavallario's Restaurant and made  tentative arrangements for hospital employees to park in the upper parking lot during the event with the addition of 2 extra spaces.  Hospital workers would be parking no more than an extra 50 feet away. 

With the permission of Cavallario's Restaurant, Congels then approached  the River Hospital and asked if they could use 3 parking spaces for the brokers tent. Congel's was sure that with a trade off of 3 parking spaces for 5 spaces,  would make the hospital more than happy to cooperate.  A representative of the hospital said NO to Congels request.

Our community has rallied for the hospital, held fund raisers, emotionally and financially supported it.
No is an unreasonable and selfish response from the River Hospital.   With  the word NO, The village and business owners  in downtown Alexandria Bay have lost the opportunity for a boost in revenue in June which is considered a "soft" month in a very short summer season.  

Even though Riveredge was not a viable spot this year for the Congel's In The Water Boat Show, Congels went back and worked out a plan with the resort.  I am not sure what concessions were made but the two businesses made it work. There is a lesson to be learned from all this, as  My father-in-law used to say:


I did call a representative from the River Hospital in hopes for a comment that might explain the hospital's position on this,  but I have not received a return call.

We should all be wondering what the fate of some of the events held at the Upper James St. location will be. No tent for the Blues in the Bay event?