Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Shadows In The Cave Series

The Shadows were a local band from the early 90's.  They are Phil 'Crush' DuMond, Tommy "Gunn" O'Riley, and David "The Knappster" Knapp. They found themselves brought together for a brief 2 night reunion.  Also featured in these videos are John Meyers and D.J. Rogers.  Collectively I call them my friends, which is a rare commodity these days!

This "suite" of videos are raw and gritty.  The lighting is poor and my camera does not do well in low lighting.  I have tried to compensate for the dimness with some filters in my editing software. They are still a representation of what I saw in the musicians cave on the nights I recorded them.  The band members are practicing, rehearsing new songs, sometimes they hit the notes while other times they seem to be searching for the harmonies.  I never judge them when they miss  because I know they will keep trying till they make those harmonies perfect.  

Some musicians have huge egos which I do not care about capturing.  That is always the downside of recording bands.....individuals trying to outdo the others in the band or not even caring about what the audience wants.  Unfortunately those types are blind to this point and will be wondering who I am referring to.   You won't see much of the ego thing with this group of guys.  But it does exist with some and it is not pretty.

If I wanted MTV style videos, then I would have set up the lighting with multiple camera angles and digital audio recording.  What I was really after was just a quick glimpse into musicians practicing, with all the mistakes that go with it.  After all, you only see the final perfect package when the band steps onto the stage to perform.  I hope you enjoy watching these behind the scenes videos.  They are from my perspective and are still life paintings that have come alive using the medium of video.