Thursday, June 13, 2013

An Amusing Letter

The Ring Master hits the Letter to the Editor section of the Sun!

Yes I voiced an opinion at the May 8th Town Of Alexandria meeting stating that the seat had been vacant for to long and that it was getting to close to the November Election.  Therefore the seat should remain vacant so the people in this community could vote for their choice. Mr. Thomson respectfully disagreed with me and the other person that spoke up that shared my opinion.

The Poll that my critic referred to in his letter was clearly described by me as subject to error and  for entertainment purposes only.  Of the five choices on the poll, the #2 highest vote getter was: leave the seat vacant till November.  The 4 members on the board have been deadlocked, neither Beaudin and Williams, nor Sweet and Hunneyman were going to budge.  The only outcome?  Leave the seat vacant.

Not sure how my critic twisted the #2 highest vote getter into something less than #1.  He makes it sound like I was saying that our town is not #1. Which was not the case. Either way, we all had our own opinions as to what should be done with that vacant seat.  Because the Town Board was split and not willing to concede , I guess you could say that the 28 people that voted for "Leave It Vacant" won by default.

Audio From the May 8th Town Meeting Can Be Found Here

And the other critics of the circus say that nobody reads my blog.... Evidently quite a few are, otherwise why would I get elevated to warrant a Letter To The Editor...
I am moving on to my next story, some citizens are up in arms about Horse Poop and Chicken Chitz.... now there is a story I can really sink my teeth into....... stay tuned.....

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