Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Meet Rachelle, A Young Musician In Abay

Alexandria Bay:

Her name is Rachelle Johnson, and she is 13 years old and attends Alexandria Central School.  Her parents, David and Cindy asked me to video tape her musical performance that was held this past Sunday at the Reformed Church.  The church filled to capacity with family, friends and supporters.  Her father quipped, I have know idea where Rachelle gets her musical talents from, neither I or her mother have any, we just love music.

Rachelle's dad went on to say.... It is one thing to sing, and another to play the piano, but it becomes more difficult to do both at the same time.  Then take into account that Rachelle is only 13 and performing in front of this audience.

I first saw Rachelle a year ago, she and 2 of her friends were performing in front of her fathers JRECK Subs shop.  I remember thinking, gotta give them credit, it takes courage to do that.  Tonight, Rachelle performs solo, playing the piano, trumpet  and singing.  It has only been a year since I first listened to her sing and tonight I see such a dramatic change in her abilities, that it makes me wonder where she will be next year at this time.

Rachelle is trying to raise money so that she can attend Camp Electric a week long Christian Music Camp, located in Cedarville Ohio.  Her goal is $1,800, which some might say... why don't her parents just pay for it!  I see that Rachelle's parents are allowing her to learn a lesson in life by not just doling out the cash.  Her aspirations and goals will mean more to Rachelle if she works for them by performing in front of an audience.  

Rachelle will be performing again this Sunday, June 9th 7pm at the First Congregational Church in Morristown. A free will offering would be greatly appreciated. And if you can not attend?  I have a video of Rachelle that you can watch.  After watching, if you would like to contribute to Rachelle's musical future, you can contact David Johnson @ 315-783-3681.

Bloggers Note: I am a strong supporter of the visual and performing arts. Every year, as each school budget is passed, supporters of the arts always dread that one of these programs might be cut. By supporting young future artists such as Rachelle, your contributions help keep communities aware that the arts are alive and kicking and maintain a credible part in our society.

A Message From Rachelle
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