Saturday, June 15, 2013

Memories Of My Dad

Fathers Day Reflections:

My grandfather Walter aka The Boss started the Cummings Funeral Home longer ago than I can remember. I do remember my dad telling me what The Boss told him, that an Undertaker/Funeral Director must never ripple the waters, and be friends with everyone.  Funeral Directors  should join as many community organizations as possible and remain neutral.  Most undertakers heed this advice including my cousin, but sadly there are a few that do not....

My dad was an undertaker for several years and then WWII came along and he joined the army and became a fighter pilot.  After his tour he returned home to help with the family business.  He eventually moved on and became the GM for Pittsburgh Plate Glass located on Factory St.  My dad heeded The Bosses advice about remaining neutral until he retired in the early '80s.  It was at that time that my dad became a frequent writer of letters to the editor.

I guess if you plant tomatoes, you get tomatoes.

Happy Fathers day to my Dad and to all of his friends..... I hope you are all playing a Fathers Day round or two of golf up above....

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