Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Draw Your Own Conclusions

Town Of Alexandria:

The flyer below was handed to me tonight and I asked if it was ok for me share this on my blog.  The nod was given, so go ahead and read it and give it some thought.  A word of warning.... On the back of this flyer was the  premium due for participants that are covered under the NYS Teamsters Health and Hospital funds reported for the month of April 2013.  Sensitive information was redacted, but names were listed with only the total premium due listed.  I decided not to scan the back side, my thoughts being, that my only obligation is to you is make you aware that this flyer exists.

The front of the flyer named two former town officials.  I redacted both those names....for the same reason as I stated above.  The most important part is that you read the flyer, and if it peaks your curiosity, then do what the group asks.... attend the next Town Board Meeting, tomorrow night [6/12/13] @ 6PM.

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