Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dock Rates Then and Now

Digging into my audio archive I stumbled upon the Dock Rate Discussion from last year.  Which you can listen to below.  Depending on ones perspective, you might either agree or disagree with Mr. Simpson.  I have my views on what the rates should be.  But some quietly believe that only downtown business owners should have a say in the rates.  Of course when they are confronted with that, they would say certainly NOT!

Just like last year, a Dock Rate Committee of about a 1/2 dozen people was formed.  The 2011 committee voted to keep the rates the same as last year.  The mayor wanted to ignore the committee's recommendation and  change the rates to go along with a letter that he read at the 5.10.11 VB meeting.  The audio can be heard below:

What is the sense of creating a committee if you are going to ignore their recommendations.  This last audio clip is a discussion of the dock rates from the last VB meeting.  The Board voted to adopt the committee's recommendations.  Even though the vote went unopposed, if you listen to the tail end of the audio it will become pretty clear that the vote was actually 4 votes for and 1 against the committees recommendations......

I hope that, what ever plan is adopted, is fair to all our guests and yields enough revenue to sustain our dock in the years to come....

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