Friday, May 27, 2011

Garbage Gestapo

This discussion between the VB and the residents [tax payers] that own property on Chanye Circle has been going on for some time now.  Chanye Cir. is classified as a fire lane and not a street.  Therefore not entitled to services such as garbage pick up and snow removal.  Although those services, more often than not,  have been provided over the years to residents of Chanye Cir.  A letter that was respectfully submitted by the VB was received by one village resident who is 87 years old. This letter  was dated and delivered on May 26th,  just 2 days after the VB meeting.  Was the land survey completed and a map given to the VB in less than 2 days?  Didn't even have the decency to address the letter to a person,  must have been easier for you to  depersonalize it ...Dear Property Owner! It seems to me that it would not hurt our garbage collectors to extend a little courtesy and respect for our elders and walk a few extra feet and do a good deed and pick up her garbage.

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