Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hockey ACS merges with TI?

I do not have all the facts on the ACS  varsity Hockey team apparent merger with TI.  I heard bits and pieces this morning.  The main drive behind this merger of the 2 teams are the low numbers in players on each team.  Also, if younger kids are moved up, there is always the possibility of sustaining injuries while playing with the big kids.  It seems that this merger might be just a little hasty.  What will be the true impact to the schools and community.  Will this merger be a year to year "contract"?  The cost of this can be measured with new uniforms, insurance policy, bus transportation to and from practices.  Will half the practices be at the Town arena and the other half at the Clayton arena? That also means that each arena will be getting half the ice time revenue.  Two separate buses to away games?  What if this new team wins a trophy, who gets to display it and for how long?  I understand that the Bay has let some kids from other school districts play on our hockey team.  What will become of them?  Each team has low numbers, combining them will probably create the need for kids to be cut. What if one of your kids gets cut and one from the other districts makes the team?  To many unknowns regarding this merger.  What sport or organization will be next?  I am all for merging or sharing, but you have to do your homework then decide, is it really worth it?  Call your board members and give them your input.

YNN covered this story...

This will probably be voted on at the next BOE meeting which is at 6pm Tuesday night 5.17.11.  Voting for the school budget will take place at the ACS auditorium on the same date.  You are looking at roughly a 3.4% increase over last years budget.

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