Sunday, May 29, 2011

Merchant Calls Mayor Out on the Carpet

We all know that politicians have to make decisions.  Some of them are no brainers that will have most of the constituents support.  Other decisions will leave some on one side and some on the opposite side of the fence.  As well as some riding that fence.  And then there those choices that are made that have the majority of the people upset and very angry at the politician[s].  

For the most part, one can make local small town politics as complicated or as simple as they want.  Getting input and being as transparent as possible before making decisions would be the best way to go.  But choosing to let your board meeting become a place for people to voice personal vendettas is no way to go.  Even worse is to join in with the "mob" so to speak.  At the last VB meeting [5.24.11] Alex Mosher brought a concern to the board.  It was a very long and drawn out concern, about 18 minutes.  Way over the 5 minute limit that some of us are restricted to when speaking at public concerns.  I have included a short version that still has the essence of what Alex was saying.  I also have included the audio from the meeting that took place last year that he makes reference to.  The audio has what I thought to be appropriate music mixed into it.  They are both very short so let them play to the end

 This is the audio from the last VB meeting:

This is the audio from last years meeting 7.13.10

Blogger Note:
Prior to the last VB meeting Alex called me and wanted information regarding another issue. I directed him to the meeting that took place on 7.13.10. While listening to the audio he discovered the mayors comments. He never knew that the mayor made those comments till just prior to the most recent vb meeting.

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