Thursday, May 26, 2011

There is No Z in Sports

It almost seems that the parents and  school officials at TI and Alexandria Central schools have just recently realized that there is a lack of interest in hockey.  Most things do not happen over night and I am sure the numbers have dwindled gradually from season to season.  Somebody had to notice?  I think the problem is this; there are to many of the Baby Boomers and we still think it is all about US.  We could not possibly fathom that another generation may exist [another trait of the Baby Boomers].  Baby Boomers were followed by the X and Y Generations.  But that is not the generation that is in our schools now.  GENERATION Z is the new up and coming generation that started around the mid 1990's.  Z is also known as the the I or @ Generation.  The I is a reference to the Internet and I am sure you all know the @ is a reference to email.  This generation has also been nicknamed the I want It Now Generation appropriately named for the ability to get anything like music and movies INSTANTLY.  They can also satisfy their competitive needs instantly using gaming consoles like X-Box or Play Station.  The I Generation can also be described as the Impatient Generation.  They have no patience for sitting on the bench.... why would they?  So Baby Boomers, keep doing all your logistic studies  about the merger of the 2 schools hockey programs and what ever other sports.  All you are doing is treating the symptoms without knowing the cause.

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