Sunday, May 31, 2009

Blogging About Trailers

This guy is BRUTAL [I love it]!  Blogging about Adventures & Fun In The Trailers In Upstate NY.
Bringing the joys of the trailer park lifestyle to the convenience of your own home or trailer. Or trouse, Or grouse. White trash, and low class redneck culture captured at its finest.

The following is the disclosure for that Blog:
If you do not want your trailer or your car or you exposed, then please fix and clean your trailer up, clean yourself up, clean your car up, and maybe you wont be laughed at so much!

He has another blog called So Many Losers and he refers to himself as Mr. Condescending. He gives this advice:  Please just take this for what it is, which is plain and simple humor.  I told you not to take me seriously......

As my friend Curmudgeon suggested...........This guy should meet Joe The Homeless........How much fun that would be......