Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shared Services Meeting 5.20.09

In case any of you were waiting on the edge of your seats for the outcome of tonight's Shared Services meeting between the Town of Alexandria and the Village of Alexandria Bay.................

The Meeting Was Canceled!

I have heard conflicting reports as to why the meeting did not take place.

One source from the VB said that none of the Town Board members could make the meeting.  I am guessing there were scheduling conflicts or it was just to damn nice out.

Another source from the TB said that the Supervisor Millett never officially notified any of the VB members.  As a result, none of them knew of the meeting or had other plans for this evening?????

I am guessing that if the meeting did take place it would have been a circle jerk or maybe even a cluster fuck.  Since I enjoy both types of meetings, I am kind of disappointed.  Either way, it did not take me long to find something more constructive to go for a walk, drink beer, and eat pizza and wings from the Slice of the Bay.  All of which I enjoyed.

I suggest to both boards that they wait on another Shared Services meeting until after the November elections..........Maybe some fresh political meat is what is needed to resume discussions about shared services....... 

On a final note, I refuse to waste my time trying to deduce why the meeting did not take place. But here is the AUDIO from the first shared services meeting that took place on 1.20.09.  The meeting takes on a new level when Ron Thomson brings up some good points at about 17mins:00secs.  Maybe one of the stumbling blocks is when Supervisor Millett brings up the dissolving of the Village Board and its DPW at 27mins:23secs.

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry Andrew is making it easier to dissolve local govts.