Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sign Requests & Permits

Here is the AUDIO for the old business portion of tonights VB meeting.  Even though the sign request from Rick Thomson's Downtown 11 was denied at a previous meeting, he submitted another request.

Requests for new signs must be applied for and approved by the VB BEFORE the sign is installed.  There is a penalty for not following the ordinance [see pic. above]

Old signs can be replaced with new ones if the new sign is the same size as the old one [or smaller]. If the sign is the same size then no request needs to be submitted to the vb.   Village ordinance does not allow  back lighted signs.

Sandwich Boards 08min:46sec:
These are signs, no matter how you look at them.  Guess what?  The same sign ordinance [as described above] applies to these sandwich boards.  There has been no request for permits for any of the sandwich board signs in the village.........they just appear.

5/29/09 WDT Article Bay Considers Restrictions 

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