Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Town Meeting 5.13.09

This AUDIO covers the ammendment to the Town of Alexandria Fence Ordinance.  Evidently this ordinance was never received by the County and therefore was not official.  So the TB had to resubmit this along with the opportunity for the public to be advised as if it were new.....

Here is the AUDIO from tonights Regular Town Meeting.  Highlights from my POV are:

  1. Baseball and swimming programs Hearts for Youth.
  2. Discuss the proposed walking trail which is supposed to be a joint venture between the Town and Village.
  3. Schedule joint meeting with the Town and Village Boards regarding sharing Zoning, Planning, and general shared services.  May 20th.
  4. Village needs help with repairs for the Arch at the entry on Church Street.
*****Listen to the Audio or NOT!  I do not care one way or the other. You can always wait till it hits the paper and be spoon fed the edited version of  yesterdays news.

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