Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shared Services Between Town and Village

The VB was asked awhile ago how the discussions with the TB were going.  The VB responded that they were waiting for the TB to set a date for sharing ideas of the feasibility of merging zoning, planning, and general services.  In other words the VB conveniently placed the ball in the TB court.  Tonight the TB set a date for the meeting with the VB on Wednesday May 20th 2009 @ 6pm Town Office.

Would it be possible for some of the members to set aside their publicly known dislikes of individuals on the other board.  So that this discussion can go forward.......instead of frozen in place.

YES, a lot of us citizens know of certain personality conflicts that exists between  a couple of VB and TB members.

Deal with it!..... Put your BIG BOY pants on!
Go to the meeting.
I dare you not to go.

BTW, Notice of the meeting  has been given to the paper

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