Friday, May 15, 2009

Hiring Firing Life Guards

Added 5.17.09:
I was always under the impression that each trustee hired/fired seasonal employees for their respective areas. Trustee Jarvis should have been dealing with this one, not the DPW Supt.  I would hope that each trustee is capable of saying your hired or your fired for the following reasons........
Yes I think seasonal employees should be given reasons for not being asked back.  I also think that these same employees should be counseled for inappropriate behavior.  What kind of lesson did the young adults mentioned below learn about their Village Employer.

I received this via email today in response to "Who Wants To Deal With This One"?

For the past 4 summers my daughter Natalie, and for the past 3 summers my daughter Carly were the lifeguards for the village of Alex Bay.  They had many duties which included: cleaning the beach, paperwork and dealing with the Health Department.  They left last summer with the understanding that they would again be hired by the Bay to guard.  There was no reason to believe otherwise.  They both got home this week and called to confirm their jobs.  They called Mr. Millett's office and were curtly told by him that they were not employed.  They were upset and disappointed.  It would have been nice to get a phone call or letter explaining why.  They both counted on these jobs as college students. 
Tim Lauraine

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