Sunday, April 22, 2012

Appointments [Political]

 N.Y. VIL. LAW § 4-400 : NY Code - Section 4-400: Mayor

VILLAGE LAW, §4-400(1)(c), (h): In the absence of the village mayor at a village board meeting, the deputy mayor has the power to appoint village officers and employees, subject to village board approval.

 c. (i) to appoint all department and non-elected officers and employees subject to the approval of the board of trustees however, the mayor may delegate the power to appoint certain employees to other village officers or employees;

2. If the mayor and deputy mayor are both absent or unable to  perform the duties of the office, the 
trustees shall appoint one of their number to  act as deputy mayor during the absence or inability of
 the mayor and deputy mayor appointed by him.

Previous mayors had some believing that their position was of greater power than that of trustee. It is not! The mayor chairs the village board meetings and votes only on issues as a tie breaker.  Any of the mayors duties can be delegated or assumed by the trustees.  Historically the mayor would choose a clerk-treasurer or deputy clerk. The trustees would have little or no input but would be required to "back" the mayor when it came time to approve the appointment at a village meeting.

Current Mayor, D. Jury wanted the trustees to have a more active role in our local government. Not to be just 4 bumps on a log as was the case of previous boards. Recently, a search committee was formed to find and appoint a deputy clerk. Four candidates were interviewed and the committee, by vote of approval picked what they deemed as the best. The committee submitted their choice to the mayor and it will be approved by the board this Tuesday night.

Bloggers Note:

This is not a story about who was chosen.  This is a story about the process of making a decision.  This process is called DEMOCRACY! If it seems foreign to you, then you might want to start asking yourself some questions.