Sunday, April 8, 2012

Local Board Meetings [March]

Below are links to the audio of Town and Village board meetings. I know it is April and they took place in the middle of March. Some local politicians were happy with my preoccupation with the A.C.S. Board of Education and the plight of the budget. They figured that if I was busy with the goings on at school, then I am not paying attention to them.  Not True!

I pay attention to agenda items.  I also look at what is not included on agendas. The Town had an item on the February agenda that was discussed then tabled till March. It was not on the March agenda.  Did it die? If so, then a truly transparent government would have mentioned its fate. I would have brought up the missing item at the March meeting, but I did not have the Energy.

I asked a question after the Village meeting.  I was given an answer that I was supposed to swallow.  I pretended that I was satisfied with what I was told and went home. Actually, the answer was not that palatable, and I will be back for a different one.

The Village Board meetings return to the twice a month schedule, now that spring is here. They meet on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month.  The Town Board meets the second Wednesday of the month.

Village Board Meeting Audio 3.13.12

Town Board Meeting Audio 3.14.12