Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rotary and ACS Alumni Build Dugouts

The Alexandria Bay Rotary and A.C.S. Alumni pooled their resources and built the final  of the two dugouts.  The cost to the taxpayers? Zero Dollars!  This group has clearly demonstrated what can be accomplished when thinking outside of the box.  Given the current climate of our School budget, the Administration, Students, Teachers, Coaches, and Tax Payers might want to take a long hard look at those dugouts and say.... we could accomplish so much more for the students and athletes if we all tried harder to cooperate.

Thank you to the volunteers.

The Rotary Club of Alexandria Bay recently completed a one year project of constructing dugouts for the baseball field at Alexandria Central.

All materials were donated by Charles Garlock & Sons and John Durand of Wellesley Island Building Supply. The project was done at no cost to the taxpayers.

Special thanks goes to Ron Beach of Putnam Construction for supplying labor and expertise, Doug Strough for excavation, John Stine for donating crushed stone, and members of the Rotary Club for swinging hammers and manning screw guns.

All that participated feel it is a nice looking addition to our facility, improving the experience for our athletes. I think I speak for all of them when I say it felt good to do something for our Alma Mater.

Pat Snyder
Rotary Club of Alex Bay

ACS Baseball Dugouts from Jim Cummings on Vimeo.

Bloggers Note:
Apparently the T.I.Sun has a we do not print Thank You notes policy. I assume that this policy would be waved in lieu of whatever fee they charge for announcements. Or maybe since everyone in this project donated time, talent, and materials, maybe, just maybe the Sun could have donated a small space for the Thank You Note to all the volunteers.