Monday, April 16, 2012

Alex Bay Police Chief Resigns

Brian K. Mullaney  tendered his resignation to Mayor D. Jury Friday April 13th. Mullaney's reason for resigning, he wants to enjoy his retirement. His last shift was that same evening.  He will be using up his personal time and will not be returning to work.  His last official day will be May 14th.  Mullaney had been a part time officer for the village of Alex Bay for over 20 years before he accepted provisional appointment as Chief on May 8th 2008. He replaced long time Chief Sacco, who "retired".

Chief Mullaney

His appointment became full time permanent with full board approval on August 3rd 2009. At that time Mullaney was at the bottom of the civil service list and was not reachable. Hennegan, Marshall, Timmerman, and Naklick, were in the top 4 spots.  Mullaney and Mason were tied in the fifth spot and not reachable.  With a little finesse then Mayor Robb chipped away at the civil service list by discrediting Hennegan, saying he is not a cop because he retired 14 years ago. Robb then blamed The Circus and for scaring off Timmerman and Naklick because of the controversy over the Chief position that our blogs were creating. {the blogs were covering the controversy that the Mayor and Board were creating}. Marshall, a retired Watertown Detective was the next one eliminated because the mayor did not want a Police Chief who could double dip. The village could have applied for a state pension waiver for Marshall but never did stating that the village probably would not be approved. How do you know for sure unless you ask?  The Civil Service list was "broken" and Mullaney moved from 5th to number 1. Amazing isn't it?

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