Sunday, April 8, 2012

The HolyDay Crowd

Known as Church Goers of Convenience, or C and E participants of mass.  The C standing for Christmas and E for Easter.  Your Church will have it's fair share of hypocrites today. Dreading the Easter Mass as soon as they roll out of bed and their feet hit the floor.. Finally arriving at church, daydreaming about anything to make the hour go faster. Calculating how the money they drop into the collection basket could be used for some other habit or vice.  Kind of sad. Not that I am judging anyone. I am not going, but He is always on my mind. I don't need to attend mass just because I am worried that someone might notice my absence and condemn me to hell.

I have not lost my religion, just my faith in the Catholic Church as a spiritual governing body.  Religion has it's politics and it goes all the way from the local parish to the Vatican.  All politics breeds some dysfunction and organized religion is no exception.  I have my issues with the Catholic Church, but that is another story that I may or may not share.....