Saturday, August 22, 2009

Place Your Comments Here

Here are the comments that were waiting for my approval this morning.  I thought I would share them with you.  They were scattered all over the place.  Be so kind as to just dump them under this topic.  Easier for the readers to view....thank you

Just one more thought, The comments below are all from the current mayors fan club.  I suspect they are all his closest friends and relatives.  These comments may become a poor reflection on him.  You guys and gals just keep commenting away.  It will make me as Happy as a Cricket.......

local boy said...
If the language and comments weren't so fouualll you might of had a chance in hell: NOT REALLY Just Kidding
Anonymous said...
can't take the heat JC get out of tha kitchen even mary's vote DNQ we'll roast your town nomination;NOBODY ELSE WANTED IT BUT YOU! how much can you loose by your about to find out once a looossseerr alwauys a loooserr
Anonymous said...
Jim you got to be kidding No Chance no luck no nothing. Who do you think your kidding carry on, we will watch close please post u imbasill no chance on the town level
Anonymous said...
I just had a clerk at a Fort Drum Dollar store tell me that Ben Timmerman would have been the best choice of chief of police of anybody,(by the way he scored the highest of anybody on the county snd state tests) I agree and I heard about his disertation of his feelings as a candidate for chief and he said no way; no thanks because of the blog stuff: Good job Jim You scared away the most qualified candidate. Yeah your the man
wanabee candidate said...
Mr. Cummings ;you only got 7 votes minus you and your weife and your nominee and his girl and chris and all the other Williams';s that means only 4 other votes Wow, that's pretty slim; VENDETTA NOT WORKING! Back off and let a ligitimate candidate try. There are some good qualified dems that are honest out there, give them a chance would you. ruin it.
Dear wanabee candidate
The counts were as follows
24 votes for the mayor
13 votes for me
2 people voted for themselves

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Anonymous said...

Kudos for the effort. I find it interesting that those who criticize you offer nothing constructive, rather sounding like angry 12 year olds that have yet to master even the basics of the English language, and too cowardly to even sign their names.
You are a voice, whether people agree with your point of view or not. If more residents of our community showed even a smidgen of the interest that you do, We could move in a much more progressive direction that we have up until now.
Alexandria Bay has tremendous potential, but it must be nurtured, and guided in the right direction, but without leadership, where will that direction come from? The Village Government can't even figure out how to collect dockage fees or keep the streets clean!
Ron Mowers