Wednesday, August 26, 2009

VB Meeting 8.25.09

I will put the time line up later this evening.  Just as the Doc ordered, I am focusing my energy on our gardens...wink....wink!
 All were in attendance except Trustee Chaltain.
No correspondence, the Bills were paid, and the minutes from the last board meeting were approved. I would like to share a portion of the August 11th minutes with you.  According to the minutes, the VB returned to regular session after executive session [collective bargaining and personnel] and discussed one item.  The hiring of Village Treasurer S. Cullen to oversee the docks.  Trustee Sweet and the mayor thought that this would increase the revenue from the overnight boating fees.  If you recall, there were a number of boaters from previous weekends that did not pay this fee.  Good Idea!........But, shouldn't the hiring of any employee be part of the new or old business of the 8.25.09 VB meeting agenda.  For instance under new business of Tuesdays agenda is an item to hire a new dock attendant [35min:18sec].

Side note:  The Village beach will close on September 8th.......moving on.......

Trustee reports: Trustee Roy 2min:08sec,  Trustee Sweet 3min:50sec,  Trustee Jarvis 4min:21sec, mayor 7min:41sec.

Old Business:  Jane Rice of Environmental Design & Research [aka EDR] spoke to the board about 3 pending projects.  Riverwalk, Local Waterfront Revitalization Project [aka LWRP], and the James St. Green Infrastructure Projects.  This is the lengthiest part of the meeting, but, everyone should give this part of the audio their full attention.  It runs from 8min:14sec to about 32min00sec.  In addition, Jane Rice also commented on the Back Nine Walking Trail which could also be included under the LWRP [17min:50sec].  The walking trail is also part of a Inter Municipal Agreement [IMA] between the village and the town. 
I am going to skip into the new business portion of the meeting because it has to do with the Riverwalk project 38min:26sec.....It is at this point that the VB members start mumbling and referring to what they are cryptically speaking about as an issue with the right away.  Evidently somebody has altered the route of the Riverwalk to go down to the docks of the new condos [old fisherman's wharf].

New Business: 35min18sec
Hire a new dock attendant.
Request from Robert Lloyd 2010 Boat show re: vendor handmade light houses.  Request was tabled and as the mayor stated "lets send it off to the chamber and let them play with it for awhile" 38min:10sec

The VB went into Executive Session to do the first monthly evaluation on the Police Chief 51min:00

VB Meeting 8.25.09 from p guston on Vimeo.

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Hammonite said...

Jim - It was I who altered the Riverwalk Route ! Muahahahahaha ! No not really, but your publishing of my alternate route in your blog on April 7th suggested that the riverwalk hug the shoreline and incorporate the town dock if possible. At least they got close ! Stealing my ideas !! Blasphemy !!