Monday, August 24, 2009

VB Meeting Tuesday 8.25.09

Not scared, not embarrassed, not upset.....

There is a VB meeting at 5:30 PM tomorrow night!  I will be sitting in the front row like I have been for almost 2 years.  I am not the town's problem now,  as some have gleefully mentioned.  Just a voice expressing his concern.  

This intersection is an accident waiting to happen!  The VB does not think that this intersection should be a four way STOP.  All sorts of vehicles blow through and miss the exit leading out of town via Church Street.  Cars and similar vehicles just need to turn around by the Upper James St dock.  Bus's encounter a different dilemma. They and delivery trucks have to back down James St. and across Church St.  which creates a hazard for ambulances, other emergency vehicles, and pedestrians.  How about a four way flashing light or a sign that says something like Turn Left to Exit Downtown 

See Ya 

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Hammonite said...

Overall, I think a long range plan needs to be developed in the Bay to address the traffic congestion and add to the aesthetics and safety of the pedestrains. A short term solution would be to prohibit parking on each corner of this intersection at least two car lengths . Then you could see . Just brainstorming here but some long range ideas could be :

-Development of more municipal lots. Are there tax delinquent or derilect properties that could be capitalized on this to make this happen ? Are there business owners who would sell property back to the village or, exchange for tax breaks or other incentives ? ( ex: Old Thomson Hotel location down by the river.)

Using Pay Stations in lieu of unsightly and archaic parking meters.

Better Parking Management for the safety of all tourists during big events. (re direct , or close traffic to autos during big events in the business district) Provided more municipal parking has been implemented. I think getting more cars off the streets and into lots would go a long way to improving the look of the village

Speed Control Devices. Speed Bumps stationary display radar, etc.

Review of some streets making them " one way "