Thursday, August 20, 2009

Caucus Results

The Democrats have given their nod and it was not to me.  Before any of you cheer or cry.....Don't.  It was just not meant to be.  I do not know what the official final tally is.  And according to the Chairman of the Caucus only the Jefferson County Board Of Elections will know.  But I am guessing one of the 2 clerks that tallied the votes will be spreading the numbers around.  Thank you, to all of you that participated in tonight's Caucus.  We are privileged to live in a country that preserves all the freedoms that we enjoy.

To quote Obi-Wan Kenobi  "If you strike me down....."

I was however nominated by the Democratic Town Caucus for Town Councilman. I have humbly accepted.  Thank you, For this opportunity!

1 comment:

wanabee candidate said...

Mr. Cummings ;you only got 7 votes minus you and your weife and your nominee and his girl and chris and all the other Williams';s that means only 4 other votes
Wow, that's pretty slim; VENDETTA NOT WORKING!
Back off and let a ligitimate candidate try.
There are some good qualified dems that are honest out there, give them a chance would you. ruin it.