Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Am Happy That You Are Happy!

My response to a Letter To The Editor [TI Sun] written by Dr.Harriet Burris.....View On Blogs
She starts by sighting things that make her happy.......her favorite things.  I suspect that she may want her world to be like this song.

Our world, whether it be local or global, is NOT like a Rogers & Hammerstein movie.  Some think I am an angry, miserable blogger with nothing better to do with my time than to dissect what is going on with our local government.  Picking on local political characters and assassinating them is NOT what I do.  They commit political suicide in front of everyone by  their actions in public[photos], their comments made at meetings [audio].

Furthermore , I do have a life that is filled with hobbies and other interests.  May I share them with you? Thank You!
Things that make me happy [no particular order, stream of conscientiousness] : My family, kayaking, bicycling, boating, beer, gardening, home improvements, cooking, walking, music, Xbox live, cleaning, Limburger cheese, wine, movies, dining and cock-tailing at local establishments, talking with locals and tourists, the river, reading, and I could go on and on.

The Doc has asked a question twice, first time at the caucus, the second, in her letter to the editor.
Could we expect Jim the mayor to be different from Jim the blogger?  Here is my answer.......HATS! Like everyone, I wear lots of hats.  I wear my Grumpy hat that I got at Disney, when I blog.  I am not really grumpy or miserable,  I just feel the need to be a little edgy in the blog because our local paper is filled with happy, feel good news.  The only bad news are the obituaries.  I have a couple of river hats that I wear when kayaking or boating.  I have a Halo hat that I wear when I play that game on X-box live.  I have a cooking hat and a drinking hat.  Sometimes I wear bandannas while working in our gardens.  I leave all my hats at home when I go to church.  My point is this, I can be polite, cordial, stern, concerned, happy, sad, mad and bad.  It all depends on the situation or the task at hand.  So the answer to your question Doc,  if I were elected, it would be very easy for all of you to make the distinction between Jim the blogger and Jim the elected official.

One hat that you will never ever see me wear is one that says Mayor......our mayor really does own a hat that says mayor

One final thought.  I am not upset with Dr. Burris for writing her letter to the editor.  Nor am I frightened of her opinions of me or the blogs.  She has every right to state her concerns.  More importantly is that she did it publicly and had the decency to sign her name.  She and I may never be friends but I will always have a lot of respect for her.


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