Thursday, July 31, 2008

Advice From Bart

Thank You

I would like to thank my friend Dotster for linking his site to my new blog. We will be collaborating together in the near future especially with the audio of the VB meetings. Keep your eyes open for mutual links.



I have talked to some adults that have kids the same age as the ones that were deprived of the educational opportunity to experience the thrill of selling what they made. The parents are not impressed, actually they are disgusted that the kids jewelry stand was shut down by the long arm of the law. What the kids got snared by was a fine example of bureaucracy. A vague village code/law that has been over looked many times by many boards only to materialize when someone wants to dredge it up to suit their needs or agenda. I wonder who lodged this formal complaint? The VB can not get a handle on the adult vendors sponsored by adult organizations or the adult business owners with sandwich boards OR crappy looking displays of merchandise on the village streets. OHHHHHH I GET IT! So they manage what they think can be controlled! The KIDS!

Tell me this is not so?

Thoughts? Comments?

The POOP on the GEESE

The geese seem to love to hang around the Gazebo on Casino Island. As I walked off the bridge to the island and towards the Gazebo, the shit got thicker and thicker. By the time I reached the Gazebo I must have looked like someone playing MINE FIELD HOP SCOTCH. At least that is what I felt like I was doing. The lawn is littered with the droppings. The wall is topped with the stuff as thick as sprinkles on an ice cream cone. [sorry Poor John]. The lawn also looks like there was a fight with goose down pillows and the pillows lost.

I know I should call the VB and let them know about this oversight on their part before I post about it. But I am not going to do that! This situation is just shoddy lawns and grounds management.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Goose Poop Park

My friend Curmudgeon sent me this text message:
Goose Shit iz Back!!!!

He and Mrs. Cur. were down at Casino Island listening to the Wednesday night Concert at the pavilion. He told me that the goose poop was ankle deep. All the flowers in the planters were dead. He also said that there is a ton of goose feathers, which he attributed to maybe some kind of a cock fight.

Funny word cock.........

any thoughts on the condition of the island that is?

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WDT Article closes forums; owner 'sick' of moderating:

Let's see where this goes over the next few weeks. I hope everyone realizes that my blog is not meant to replace or compete with the forums or blog over at There are some issues in the village that need to be addressed. I needed to get something going in case a 2 week closure evolved into something longer or as Chris mentioned, permanent.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Abay VB Meetings

I will be attending the VB meetings like I always have in the past. I will be recording them as I have always done. I will be commenting on the VB meetings here on my blog. Dotster told me he will host the audio. Stay tuned for the details.

The Village of Alexandria Bay
will hold a regular board meeting on
Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at 5:30pm

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Remember the Lemonade Stands?

I remember when I was a young kid growing up and our parents wanted us to be enterprising and learn the value of a dollar. Starting out selling koolade or lemonade.........we had signs to advertise what ever we were selling. We learned the concept of costs of goods sold and other economic 101 lessons.

The next generation is no different than we were. It seems that a couple of local kids wanted to start a venture. They crafted bracelets and necklaces............nice ones too, maybe a bit primitive but the "jewelry" was not the typical stuff you find downtown. After all they were only kids in our community curious about what drives our tourist town.

They set up a stand with chalk board signs that advertised what they were selling. They had their grand opening on wednesday and were shut down the following day on thursday. That was short lived now wasn't it?

So who shut them down? The local police responding to a complaint is probably the cause of the closure! Why would someone want to shut those kids down. What business owner would feel threatened enough to lodge a formal complaint? The Village Police told the young entrepreneurs that they could not sell their wares and they also could not have a sandwich board [their chalk boards] because they did not apply for either to the Village Board.

I talked to Trustee Drake and Mayor Robb about this situation. They seemed shocked that this would happen. That was on sunday! I was expecting to hear back from the Mayor. I wonder what the hold up is? I wonder if they think I would not have a place to tell this story?

Welcome to my Blog!