Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Count Me In Fella's

I am with Joe the Homeless and NorthCountry Liberal.  I am headed to the hills with a bottle of bourbon in a brown paper bag...............light a fire for me boys.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Das Village Haus

Had a great time tonight at Das Village Haus.  Food and service was good.  A little caveat......the cuisine is a tad on the spicey side, but nothing you should not be able to handle.  Bon Appetit!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Addie Russell

Blogger Jefferson Democrat  has an announcement for us all.
An invitation to join Addie Russell as she is sworn in as Assemblymember representing the 118th Assembly District.

On a personal note.  I am very proud of Addie and all those involved in her campaign.  I can not say enough about her and I would not miss this very special occassion for  Addie on Saturday January 3rd. { More info}

Saturday, December 27, 2008

"Not So" Common Sense

Blogger NorthCountry Liberal over at Foil Hats Unite received an email about the death of common sense in our society/town/country/world. If your looking for common sense on a large population won't find it.  Hell ya won't even find it on a small scale.  Ya might find it when playing a game of pitch or poker or in your home, but if your looking for it anywhere else you are a fool.  I work in a place where insanity and absurdity flourish and common sense has to be turned off or you will be eaten alive. Bon Appetite!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve 1968

Apollo VIII message from Lovell, Borman, and Anders....this is a reading from the Old Testament.....Genesis.   I have a few thoughts about where we have been and where we are NOW.   The NOW sucks!  You have to be careful that you wish people you do not know Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.   You would not want to offend someones beliefs or non-beliefs during this CHRISTMAS FEAST.  I could rant alot more about this but I will not.....................

Brother Can You Spare A Dime

A Great Depression era slide show set to the sounds of the Dave Brubeck Quartet

T.I.E.R.S. Ambulance

It seems that this company is in some financial trouble.  Slide your seek bar to the audio at 32:15.  I think they are looking for a bailout from the area municipalities.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

VB meeting December 23 2008

Audio from tonights meeting can be found by clicking here.
All were present at the VB meeting with the exception of Trustee Roy.  I was the only one attending the meeting last night.
The first ten minutes of the VB meeting was spent on a letter of correspondance regarding the Odd Fellows site.  Alot went on during this discussion :

1. The lot can not be leased because the Village would have to pay the back taxes to the county if they recieve any revenue. [Does the Village have a clear title to this lot or not?]

2. The Mayor was not aware that another business was using village property for its parking and has been for two years.

3. The VB has a paranoid concept of what liability entails.

4.  A letter of correspondance that was intended to apologize for an oversight and to make a suggestion was twisted and distorted and made fun of by the VB.

Slide your seek bar to14:44 to listen to the Bid for the 1994 chevy caprice.
At the last VB meeting the starting bid of $1000.00 was reduced to a starting bid of $500.00.  Why? Because there was nobody intersted in that vehicle at the price of $1000.00.  One sealed bid was recieved and opened tonight with a bid of $925.00.  The VB was very surprised at this rather high bid. 

The mayor commented that the bidder was a tad on the polish side [15:48].  I wonder if the mayor meant that in a derogatory manner............listen to the audio

Update VPD Renovation

A tid bit from tonights meeting:
According to Trustee Sweet the project will be completed ahead of schedule and underbudget.  I assume this information was an attempt to make me and eat some crow.  Well.......I am not going to, how about that.  Here is my egotistical slant on this miraculous progress on the renovation..........IF the project was not kept in the publics attention via this blog and, chances are pretty good that it would have been overbudget and late in completion..............I am very happy that it will be completed early and below budget

Twas Two Nights Before Christmas

I am glad I am just a small town political watchdog reporting on the mundane antics of the local politicians in our community.  But I am the only one doing it other than the local reporters who have to submit their articles to an editor..........I am rambling........ and a little ticked off that the Abay Village Board did not have the decency to cancel this weeks VB meeting like Clayton.  Sigh!!!!!! I will go reluctantly to the meeting tonight and maybe return with something to stuff your stockings with.   More Later

Monday, December 22, 2008

Road Salt

I was at the Big M yesterday and ran into a local [registered voter and tax payer].  We talked about the weather and the condition of the roads.  I mentioned to her that all municipalities were cutting back on road salt because of the cost increase  For all the rest of you that forgot about this, here is the link about road salt.  Of course she did bring up a valid point.......isn't our safety on the roads worth the extra cost of salting our roads in the manner we have grown accustomed to?   Hmmmm lets do some math  $6000/ $129= 46 ton of road salt.........I am not sure how much we go through in a year but I am sure $6000 would help defray the cost increase.............

Friday, December 19, 2008

Bum Rap

A few days ago I mentioned that the renovation to the Village Police Station was going to begin.  Well it started this past monday and a snag has been hit.  Two glitches, that I know of, have been encountered.  Part of the renovation is the installation of 2 new doors.  The doors were ordered based on a list of materials that were part of the original bid.  This material list was generated by the village workers that were going to be doing the work.  Evidently the specifics of the type of doors were not clear enough.  Two doors were delivered but not the correct specifications which should have been commercial fire doors.  Some of the ceiling tiles had to be replaced, so again the workers said they needed 16 tiles, but the original bid just called for 16 and guess what?.......16 cases of tiles were delivered instead of the 16 individual tiles.  This may not seem like a big deal but the work on the VP Dept has slowed to a crawl.  Worse yet.......the powers that be would like us to believe that both errors were the fault of Garlocks Lumber.  Garlocks was given a list of materials to supply a bid and they fullfilled their end of the bargain.

So what is my point!
The bid on the doors was low[non commercial and non fire doors] and the bid on the ceiling tiles was high [ 16 cases instead of only 16 individual tiles].  Who is to blame?  Not the three bidders, the fault goes on the VB for not checking the material list to make sure it was accurate before the bids went out.  We were also told that the Municipal Building Fund could only be used for projects like the VPD renovation.  But I am sure you will all agree that emergency measures can be taken to re-allocate these funds to where they are needed most.  Bottom line:  the VPD renovation would be nice but not needed in these uncertain economic times.

Later Added:  There are 2 workers on this gets paid about $1000 per week and the other about $500. [I hope they were keeping busy during the building material set back] Totaling $1500 per week and then over a 2 week period this totals $3000 coupled with the $3000 material cost ...........which comes to $6000 total renovation cost.  Oddly enough this is the cap amount for the project...........the cap which is soon to be broken.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Abay PD Station

The renovation project at the Village Police Station starts this Monday @ 7am.  The project is to be completed in 10 days.  I am wondering if it will be completed 100% withing this time frame.  Or will there be some loose ends or add ons that might extend the project past the completion time pushing it past the $6000 cap.  Lets keep an eye on this!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Town of Alexandria Meeting Dec 10 08

Here are the highlights from tonights Town Meeting.  The first audio is regarding the Redwood water rate change.  Click Here

The last issue is concerning the Plessis Volunteer Fire Dept. Click here for that audio.
Not real sure what is going on here.  There are several issues going on with this.  The first one concerns the Town Board and a resolution.  I am unclear about all the facts, so no opinion from me.  The second issue revolves around a prepared statement from the Abay Fire Chief that says the Abay FD never stated or implied for the closure of the Plessis FD.  This can statement can be heard if you move your slider to 17:21.

Maybe more later.......

WDT Town of Alexandria asked to reconsider expansion

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

VB Meeting Dec. 9 2008

Tonights meeting started with a special hearing for the public to comment about the change in parking spaces on Church St in front of the Reformed Church.  The result: 3 metered parking spots are added one of which is reserved for handicap parking only.  Click here for the audio

Some chairs at the VB executive table have been filled with some new faces.  Trustee's Chailtain, Jarvis, and Roy now fill elected seats.  All the mayoral appointments have vanished, leaving only publically elected officials.  So what does this mean?  Hopefully independent, informed and sound thinking leading to the same decision process.

Are you just dying to find out what went on at the regular meeting?  Nothing!  No public correspondance was received [too bad]   and no public concerns.  Nothing earth shattering to report.   Audio will be up soon, not that anything I just said would make you want to DL it.  The usual concerned citizens were present tonight [ Carol & Bob, Kay, Jay, Pam, and Ellen with one new friend Danni.  We need more new faces at these meetings, even if you take turns showing up!

During Public concerns, [there weren't any] I inquired about the status of the waste conversion plant.  The mayor looked at me as if he did not know what I was referring to.  Oh he said, you mean the bio-diesel plant........nothing new.  Ok mayor, I meant to say the bio diesel plant that uses waste thus converting it into diesel......, ya happy?  Click here for the VB meeting

I did notice that during the pledge of allegiance, that not all hats were removed.  Not mentioning any names but........the hats need to come off during the pledge and probably for the duration of the meeting.  Just a little respect for our country and our village board [grin]

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Benefit for Wanda Winters

A letter from Wanda

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know about what's going on with me nowadays. I have been out of the hospital since the day before thanksgiving and this is the first time I didn't have to cook. It was great!! I couldn't do very much at all anyway so I let go of the guilt and enjoyed it. The pain and the breathing was pretty bad at first but now I'm not on pain pills anymore and my breathing has improved immensely. I had my first Doctors appt. today, Dec. 5th and my x-rays were very good. I go back in a couple of weeks and then will decide what to do about the other lung. I think I have found a house to rent, I am waiting for her to OK it and hopefully moving in on tues. I am asking for any kind of help especially muscles. I believe I will be able to attend my benefit on Dec. 14th but not for a very long.

I want to thank all of you for all of the help, support, prayers and healing that you have sent my way and I plan to be around for a long time to repay, or I should say pay it forward. Thank you all again and I will keep you updated as my journey continues.

Love & Light

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Original Kris Kringle Mart

......was held today at the Village Municipal Complex with additional crafts at the Macsherry Library.  Lots of great crafts for the holiday season......

Friday, December 5, 2008

Geez Sean

I was giving the Jefferson County Democrat the benefit of the doubt BUT.......

Sean, I know you are the head of the County Democrat Party but Holy friggin Cow......a direct steal from newzjunky?  Maybe you have a deal with newzjunky and that is why you took Addie Russels comment regarding the passing of Bob Nortz and did not give newzjunky credit!  Maybe the deal allows you to do the same with Darrel Aubertine's comment regarding Nortz's passing........... give credit where credit is due.............

I would have made this comment over there but comments are disabled

***** Later Added*****

My friend Dotster has some thoughts on the re-vamped site.

Jefferson County Democrat BLOG

The old Danger Democrat has been transformed!  I noticed some new activity over at the blog the other day.  I found an email contact and decided to ask a few questions.


I am a little confused as to what is happening over at your blog. I know that TF has plans in the near future and has de-blogged himself. Who is running this blog now and what plans do you have for content? Will it be totally different than DD? I would like to be able to write something on my blog about what your plans might be.
pg/jc abaycircus

I received this reply:

This will be a forum for the Democratic Party to be able to showcase some of the activities of the party as well as opportunity for those in our community to get involved in building a better tomorrow for our local community. We have a new initiative that we're going to be implementing called "Discover the Meaning". This will be a program to engage leaders in the democratic party in charitable giving across the North Country. Times of tough for many in the North Country and being that the Democratic Party is gaining strength I felt it necessary for me and many of our enrolled Democrats and "Discover the Meaning" of what it means to be a Democrat. I feel it is our mission as Democrats to look out for Middle Income families and the Less fortunate in our community. This program will draw help and attention on the needs of our community members and dedicate bodies and financial support to our neighbors in need. If one family is helped then we've accomplished our goal. Anyway, Thanks so much for the coverage and I look forward to working with you in the future.
All my best
This sounds good to me........more to come .  Keep an eye Jefferson Democrat

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Distance Shopping @ The Vault

Get onto I-81 and head south towards Syracuse exit at the Carousel Mall. According to Joel Walentuk, The Vault is a mix of todays fashion with roots in the past.  Other  options to look for are organic clothing.  Mrs PG took a look at the Vault today and the clothing is high quality and some of the embroidered items look to be exqusite.  Look for infant sizes to adult........

Local Shopping @ Treasure Island

I have always found some really cool and eclectic gifts at Treasure Island owned and operated by Alex and BJ Mosher.  My big thing is candles and holders, always something wild and weird in this store.  That is what Christmas is all about.....finding presents for people that you know they would not usually buy for themselves.  Tonight they had a womans night I figured this would be my opportunity to see what the latest trend was.  I tried to blend in and become invisible so I could catch the spirit of shopping at its finest.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

School Consolidations

To some of the fellow bloggers I have picked up along the way........STA, Joe the Homeless, North Country Liberal and TF.  There is an interesting thread over at ............

My friend Curmudgeon started this topic:

Yesterday, Governor Paterson threw a hugh goose into the hind end of the most sacred cow in upstate New York....Consolidation of small (under 1000) school districts.

The double whammy comes from Washington, with the announcement of Michelle Rhee as Education Czar. She hates tenure, inept teachers and administrators, and bloat in the education system.
What about it? The Purple Knights? The Red Ghosts?..................

The thread can be found by clicking here.  You will need to register at  forums with a user name and password but it is easy enough for all you bloggers......

Here are some thoughts from Political IV

Monday, December 1, 2008

Pray and Repent!

Yes I am speaking to you, Joe The Homeless,  not really!  I still think your strategically placed F Bombs within your let loose blogging thoughts are what some people need with their heads buried in the sand or stuffed within their backside crack.  If any of you wonder what Joe's blogging looks like in an extreme edited version........just click here.