Sunday, May 31, 2009

Blogging About Trailers

This guy is BRUTAL [I love it]!  Blogging about Adventures & Fun In The Trailers In Upstate NY.
Bringing the joys of the trailer park lifestyle to the convenience of your own home or trailer. Or trouse, Or grouse. White trash, and low class redneck culture captured at its finest.

The following is the disclosure for that Blog:
If you do not want your trailer or your car or you exposed, then please fix and clean your trailer up, clean yourself up, clean your car up, and maybe you wont be laughed at so much!

He has another blog called So Many Losers and he refers to himself as Mr. Condescending. He gives this advice:  Please just take this for what it is, which is plain and simple humor.  I told you not to take me seriously......

As my friend Curmudgeon suggested...........This guy should meet Joe The Homeless........How much fun that would be......

Saturday, May 30, 2009

2 Business Owners Face Sign Infraction Fines

Downtown, a nite club that has recently sparked a considerable amount of debate for introducing cage in the lime light again.  They have violated the Village Sign ordinance by:
From village signs 5209
  • Installing a sign without the prior approval of the VB.  
  • The smaller old sign was replaced with a larger one which still requires a permit.
  • The new sign is also a back lighted sign which is not allowed by the sign ordinance.

The owners have been notified by the VB to remove this sign immediately.  The owners have apparently ignored the VB and as a result will be fined $350 or face a trip to the HOOSEGOW.

The Korner is a family orientated restaurant.  This business has been a part of the business community without attracting any kind of attention other than normal advertising.  The owner of the Korner has also violated  the Village sign ordinance.
From village signs 5209
  • Installing a sign without the prior approval of the VB.  
  • The smaller old sign MAY have been replaced with a larger one which requires a permit.
  • The new sign is also a back lighted sign which is not allowed by the sign ordinance.
Looky here,[almost] the same identical infractions! How will the VB handle these violations?  Will the lawyers get involved? Will anything be done or will it be quietly swept under the carpet?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

VB "New Business" 5.26.09

Resolution for Bonding for new truck and snowplow $135,000.00.
Village Auto and Liability insurance 03min:37sec.
River Hospital banner request 06min:30sec.
Authorize the mayor to sign HSBC collateral agreement 08min:25sec.
Authorize the mayor to sign 2009-10 tax warrant 09min:19sec.
Riverwalk resolution 10min:18sec.
Issue check for $10,000 to MacSherry Library 11min:40sec.
Korner sign request {after the sign was already installed}12min:18sec.
Appoint K. Butcher as Tax Collector 15min:58sec.
Green Solutions Grant for storm drainage 16min:00sec.

New Business AUDIO

D.P.W. Superintendent Term Change

At the last VB meeting a Resolution by Roll Call Vote was passed .........As of December 1st 2009 the term will change from  1 year to 2 years.  Here is the AUDIO .

So why the change?  Was it ever a 2 year term before?

Change in term and a change in tone! Listen to the mayor at about 15 seconds into this audio......
"whoever that may be"

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sign Requests & Permits

Here is the AUDIO for the old business portion of tonights VB meeting.  Even though the sign request from Rick Thomson's Downtown 11 was denied at a previous meeting, he submitted another request.

Requests for new signs must be applied for and approved by the VB BEFORE the sign is installed.  There is a penalty for not following the ordinance [see pic. above]

Old signs can be replaced with new ones if the new sign is the same size as the old one [or smaller]. If the sign is the same size then no request needs to be submitted to the vb.   Village ordinance does not allow  back lighted signs.

Sandwich Boards 08min:46sec:
These are signs, no matter how you look at them.  Guess what?  The same sign ordinance [as described above] applies to these sandwich boards.  There has been no request for permits for any of the sandwich board signs in the village.........they just appear.

5/29/09 WDT Article Bay Considers Restrictions 

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lunch @ Pirate's Pub & Grub

From misc 2009

In the past I have had bad luck eating a Reuben Sandwich.  Some restaurants use a rye bread that falls apart from the juices.  The bread disintegrates and the meat, kraut, cheese, and dressing falls to the plate, making a huge mess.  My usual preference is "open faced" using a fork and knife making it an easy and neat way to eat it.  The Pirate's Pub and Grub uses a very hearty rye bread making it the perfect sandwich to pick up and eat, the bread never got soggy even tho the inside was juicy, tasty and tender.  Nothing fell out of the sandwich so I did not need to swoop it up with my fingers or fork.

My son devoured the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich loaded with onions, mushrooms, peppers, and tender meat.  The only thing he left in the sandwich basket was the pickles which seem to be the last thing kids acquire a taste for...........................go figure.

My wife had the Coconut Shrimp app. served with a spicy marmalade sauce.  Nothing left but the tails.....

I was told that the waitress/bartender was new to the pub, but she was pleasant, efficient, and that is refreshing!

Chef Captain F.B. came out to see how our meals were.  I told him everything was very good and also assured him that he had a good eye for detail........

Bon Appetite! 

Menu, Click to enlarge.
From misc 2009

Spotted in the Bay 5.23.09

Tim McCreadie a Watertown native and 2006 World of Outlaws Champion was spotted at the Chez Paris this morning.

From misc 2009

Attention Big M,  I found one of your "missing" shopping carts.  It can be found on James Street holding everything but groceries........How much do those carts cost to replace?

From misc 2009

Wenches in the roost above the Pirates Pub and Grub..........kind of a clever concept........maybe bikinis next time?

From misc 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shared Services Meeting 5.20.09

In case any of you were waiting on the edge of your seats for the outcome of tonight's Shared Services meeting between the Town of Alexandria and the Village of Alexandria Bay.................

The Meeting Was Canceled!

I have heard conflicting reports as to why the meeting did not take place.

One source from the VB said that none of the Town Board members could make the meeting.  I am guessing there were scheduling conflicts or it was just to damn nice out.

Another source from the TB said that the Supervisor Millett never officially notified any of the VB members.  As a result, none of them knew of the meeting or had other plans for this evening?????

I am guessing that if the meeting did take place it would have been a circle jerk or maybe even a cluster fuck.  Since I enjoy both types of meetings, I am kind of disappointed.  Either way, it did not take me long to find something more constructive to go for a walk, drink beer, and eat pizza and wings from the Slice of the Bay.  All of which I enjoyed.

I suggest to both boards that they wait on another Shared Services meeting until after the November elections..........Maybe some fresh political meat is what is needed to resume discussions about shared services....... 

On a final note, I refuse to waste my time trying to deduce why the meeting did not take place. But here is the AUDIO from the first shared services meeting that took place on 1.20.09.  The meeting takes on a new level when Ron Thomson brings up some good points at about 17mins:00secs.  Maybe one of the stumbling blocks is when Supervisor Millett brings up the dissolving of the Village Board and its DPW at 27mins:23secs.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Swamp Ass Season

Swamp Ass or Monkey Butt,  it is all the same.  It feels like an incubator and a humidifier has gone out of control in your under pants. Everyone {Guys and Gals} has had a case of this at one time or another and  I do not believe you if you say you have never experienced this condition.  Read more about Monkey Butt and Swamp Ass.

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by.......

Wanted: Person to Sweep Side Walks..........

I was speaking to one downtown merchant and a suggestion was brought to my attention.  A way to combat debris on the sidewalks and a possible solution to the cardboard/garbage pickup.  James, Market, and Church Streets get covered with small debris........ciggy butts, gum wrappers, receipts, etc.  Some merchants find it difficult to free up an employee to go out and sweep up the side walks in front of their stores.   In addition, they do not want to go to their stores on Monday or Tuesday nights to set out their garbage or recycling [some stores set out card board boxes on the side walks days in advance of the scheduled pick up]. 

A Possible Solution?

Interested merchants could form an alliance and "chip in" to hire a person to rove and sweep up in front of their stores.  A central location for storing recyclables and garbage could  be created and the same person could be responsible for placing them out on the appropriate evenings.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cooking Popcorn With Your Cell Phone

I received an email with a link to this video that shows how you can pop corn with the use  of several cell phones.  It is a HOAX [check out]  folks, so do not even waste your time.  But it is entertaining, check it out:

Now see how it is done.........secret revealed

Friday, May 15, 2009

Hiring Firing Life Guards

Added 5.17.09:
I was always under the impression that each trustee hired/fired seasonal employees for their respective areas. Trustee Jarvis should have been dealing with this one, not the DPW Supt.  I would hope that each trustee is capable of saying your hired or your fired for the following reasons........
Yes I think seasonal employees should be given reasons for not being asked back.  I also think that these same employees should be counseled for inappropriate behavior.  What kind of lesson did the young adults mentioned below learn about their Village Employer.

I received this via email today in response to "Who Wants To Deal With This One"?

For the past 4 summers my daughter Natalie, and for the past 3 summers my daughter Carly were the lifeguards for the village of Alex Bay.  They had many duties which included: cleaning the beach, paperwork and dealing with the Health Department.  They left last summer with the understanding that they would again be hired by the Bay to guard.  There was no reason to believe otherwise.  They both got home this week and called to confirm their jobs.  They called Mr. Millett's office and were curtly told by him that they were not employed.  They were upset and disappointed.  It would have been nice to get a phone call or letter explaining why.  They both counted on these jobs as college students. 
Tim Lauraine

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Who Wants To Deal With This One?

tap tap tap.........the mayor says:      Hire Life Guards    sigh       who wants to deal with this one?     giggle

Trustee Chaltain can be heard  saying............Steve .......

Trustee Jarvis names off the applicants.........rather sheepishly...........
Matthew Delaney, Andrew Hart, Victoria Williamson, and Emily Kellogg

the mayor says:............ and those are all we need     right?           four of them ?

G Millett.............[inaudible]

Kind of an odd dialogue and tone when discussing this.  There was none of this during the hiring of the other seasonal DPW laborers, Golf Course Laborer, Dock attendants or Meter Attendants. Also note that there was no concern if the guards were local or not?  {This is another reason why we need the H4Y learn to swim program..............stronger swimmers that can go onto the Red Cross Life Guard Training}

I am guessing there was an issue with the previous life guards, that they were not hired/asked back.  I am searching for an explanation............any one got one?????

AUDIO of this conversation can be found at 00min:57secs....................Wear Your Head Phones

Ass FO LoUiE..............

I heard it through the grapevine that if you go up to the bouncer at the VIP entrance and whisper this secret phrase into the bouncers ear.........."I Was Told To Ask For Louie".  The bouncer has to let you in for free.  It's the truth, I swear to gawd it is......... As American as apple fritters and cheese filled weiners.  It is your right, especially if you have watched any Humphrey Bogart Movies. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shared Services Between Town and Village

The VB was asked awhile ago how the discussions with the TB were going.  The VB responded that they were waiting for the TB to set a date for sharing ideas of the feasibility of merging zoning, planning, and general services.  In other words the VB conveniently placed the ball in the TB court.  Tonight the TB set a date for the meeting with the VB on Wednesday May 20th 2009 @ 6pm Town Office.

Would it be possible for some of the members to set aside their publicly known dislikes of individuals on the other board.  So that this discussion can go forward.......instead of frozen in place.

YES, a lot of us citizens know of certain personality conflicts that exists between  a couple of VB and TB members.

Deal with it!..... Put your BIG BOY pants on!
Go to the meeting.
I dare you not to go.

BTW, Notice of the meeting  has been given to the paper

Town Meeting 5.13.09

This AUDIO covers the ammendment to the Town of Alexandria Fence Ordinance.  Evidently this ordinance was never received by the County and therefore was not official.  So the TB had to resubmit this along with the opportunity for the public to be advised as if it were new.....

Here is the AUDIO from tonights Regular Town Meeting.  Highlights from my POV are:

  1. Baseball and swimming programs Hearts for Youth.
  2. Discuss the proposed walking trail which is supposed to be a joint venture between the Town and Village.
  3. Schedule joint meeting with the Town and Village Boards regarding sharing Zoning, Planning, and general shared services.  May 20th.
  4. Village needs help with repairs for the Arch at the entry on Church Street.
*****Listen to the Audio or NOT!  I do not care one way or the other. You can always wait till it hits the paper and be spoon fed the edited version of  yesterdays news.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Other Business at Tonights VB Meeting

This is the AUDIO from tonight's Old Business.........

Sign request for Downtown Nite Club????? 3min:55sec

From downtown

AUDIO from the public concerns portion of the meeting.........

Dumpster at the Muskie Lounge placed to close to a residence.

Local residence basement is flooded with sewage. Claim against the Village Insurance Company is denied.  Home owners promise litigation.........

Helethea Roy is Citizen Of The Year

Village Board New Business 5.12.09

CLICK HERE for the Audio  from the new business portion of the meeting.
Hiring of seasonal workers.

3min:39sec is a discussion about the  Captain Visger House B&B which is requesting a Beer and Wine License.  The owners want to create a mellow alternative to the usual bar atmosphere..........

9min:42sec Chamber Of Commerce new Kiosk to replace old one.

14min:27sec Old Ambulance to be put up for Bid.

21min:05sec Downtown Landscaping, Brought up by Trustee Sweet. Click HERE for pictures [courtesy of Pat Simpson]  The mayor wants to make it "Look Even Better"...........

30min:00sec New Snow Plow Truck.........$130,000.00. It is old and needs to be replaced............

46min:00sec Hearts For Youth request for extra money has been tabled till the May 26th meeting.  The VB had requested an accounting of last years money.  They also wanted to know the ratio of Village to Town Kids before any additional money is given to the youth organization.......

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Debut

Click this picture to enlarge

ROGER JOBSON DUNKS....... the mayor

Roger Jobson Dunks the mayor from p guston on Vimeo.

You can't hear it because of all the distortion in the audio........But at one point the mayor says "Roger just remember all that I have done for you"..........

Alex Bay Carnival

..........a HUGE Success!!!!!
After a slow early afternoon start, the rink was filling up with local families.  By the time I left, the place was hoppin.....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

LWRP in Clayton

Restore New York Grant to restore the R.J. Marine building and the former Golden Anchor is an interesting article and is a must read if you missed it the first time.

Local Waterfront Revitalization Program on track for Clayton  According to this article more that 40 interested locals showed up to contribute ideas for this project.  On Saturday I had the chance to speak with Bobby Cantwell, co-chairman of the committee [and Town Councilman].  I could tell that his enthusiasm is pumped up by the invovlement of the community of Clayton regarding this project.  He shared some of the history of how the committee got so many members involved in the LWRP and their own Riverwalk Project.  I am guessing that we might take some pointers from our "cousins" in Clayton.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bamboozled & Bullshited

So what will I blog about tonight?

The other night, just before filming Mr. Winky, I was asked....... "JC when will you post something exciting or and Dotster [] have become boring lately".  Funny, the same person that was asking me this question also made the following comment about fellow blogger Dotster and myself behind our backs.  She stated that "those blogs do not have any credibility what so-ever, and who in their right mind would ever read such crap" [paraphrase].  Last June the Village of Alex Bay Web site was born as a knee jerk reaction to forums and their independent thinking forum members.  The Village Board wanted to create an informational web site that would end all the commenting about local politics that existed in the forums. So if you have never been to the Village web site CLICK HERE.  The VB was a little vague about their new website and what the final bill least $1,000.00.

One Thousand Dollars out of our pockets for a website that has sat static with no update since before April 14th.  The Village site was just updated today sometime after 6 AM [when I last checked it]  So now it shows the next scheduled VB meeting for May 12th.  Evidently the April 28th meeting never happened because it was never announced on the website.  The editor of the Village web site did not even update the new contact info for the Acting Village Justice........K. Butcher has replaced S. Mcdonald [ as of 4.28.09] [wink].

The Town of Alexandria web site which can be found by CLICKING HERE. Apparently it is in a worse state as a reliable source of information [last agenda info was Sept 2008].  The Town also paid around the same amount for their web site.  Money not well spent at all.......

Wanna see a local government web site with lots of potential?  Check out the TOWN OF THERESA web site by Clicking Here.  They even have a Visitor Counter so they can keep track of vital there is a novel idea.........

Our 2 local government web sites are not credible what so ever.  They are full of outdated and erroneous information.........ENJOY being  bamboozled and bullshited.............BON APPETIT

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Swine Flu

FUGLY James St.

 This Morning on James Street




Singer Castle Sign Request

This AUDIO includes the Trustee Reports and Old business portions of the VB meeting 4/28/09.

High lights of Old Business is the sign request for Singer Castle{funny dialogue}. Lots of discussion about other signage in the downtown area........13min:02sec.
37min:15sec into the audio is a discussion of the Pirate Days events.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mr. Winky

Last night, several of us were chatting at the Dancin Dog's outdoor bar.  The guy in the video decided to take a whiz.  I was a little slow, fumbling for my camera, trying to whip it out as quickly as that guy whipped out his Mr Winky.  You will get the drift of what was happening from the vid.

Mr Winky from p guston on Vimeo.