Tuesday, September 29, 2009


and get it ready for the curb [if you have one]

Village Wide Clean-up
The week of October 26th - 30th!

Go Here for complete details.... 

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jeff Beck and Michael David

Allow me introduce you to Michael David.......vineyards that is:

Good Stuff......mellow.....

And now for something not so mellow, but just as good or even better.....Mr Beck

Tal Wilkenfeld is from Australia......she is an intense bass player and very easy on the eyes

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Northern Ave. Neighbors

The work on the "Turn Around" at the end of our street starts this week!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

LITIGATION......Harbor Villas vs Village Abay

 A while back at a VB meeting dating 7.14.09, there was an item that was brought up under new business....Harbor Villa's request to have $250.00 fee waived.
The mayor starts off by saying......."oh this looks interesting"......

VB Meeting 7.14.09 from p guston on Vimeo.
Give it a listen...move your sliders to about 26min into the audio

It is not just a 250.00 waiver that the Harbor Villa's is requesting.....it gets much more interesting.  Apparently the accountant [for Harbor Villa's} missed the water bill for the month of January 09.  The accountant also missed the delinquent notices that the village sent out after the Jan. water bill was not received.  The village will add an additional $250.00 per unit after a water bill is  5 months past delinquent.  THAT IS PER UNIT.  Harbor Villa's had 16 units that became delinquent.  16 time 250 equals $4000.00.  Now the Harbor Villa's is in the water hole to the Village of Abay for at least $4000.00.

{Go Here and click on the Vimeo box dated 9.22.09 and move your slider to 29mins and listen to the Harbor Villa's agreement request of the village.  No discussion by the VB, just that it was a situation that is now in litigation}

Allow me to play the Devils Advocate,  at what point does the villages complex automated water billing system get so complicated that a human does not make some kind of effort to call the owner of Harbor Villa's and say something like.......Hello Mr. M. your accountant must have screwed up [btw fire him/her] your water bill is way behind and it is going to be out of control if you don't get in touch with us.  Or do we as a village just let things get so unmanageable that the business owner is just over whelmed with financial distress.  Forcing him into a corner which has now created feelings of distrust and unleashed the lawyers, who will be the only ones that will profit.  Nobody wins except the lawyers.

The other side of this coin is that the village board may not care and only wants to keep as much revenue coming in so that they can purchase police bikes and compensate for lost revenues from the mismanaged village docks....[and the negative relations the vb has created with the boaters and tourists.....]

End of  this Devil Advocates OPINION

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bounty Hunters In A-BAY!

According to the mayor....."we had a situation here last Saturday......BOUNTY HUNTERS picked up a FUGITIVE from the state of Colorado".  The mayor went on to say that "the fugitive was found in Don Cole's apartments at the end of Anthony Street".  The mayor offers this warning....."you really don't know who is living next door to you right now"!  5min:44sec
vb meeting 9.22.09 from p guston on Vimeo.

Dog the Bounty Hunter was not in
the village.  It was some not so famous
bounty hunters.  Photo used as an 
attention getter....

Absentee Ballots Village Justice

.....the ballots have to be counted......the votes tallied, approved, and certified....before the election results from the Republican Primary can be announced as OFFICIAL!

The results should be made known to the public as early as this Friday, but maybe as late as next Monday.

This is going to be a Nail Biter

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

STINKY STANK at the VB Meeting

Ooh, ooh that smell
Can't you smell that smell?
Ooh, ooh that smell.....

The village has a skunk problem!  A gang of 20 skunks was spotted by COP Mullaney on Catherine and Cornwall.  Not sure if  the Troopers, Sheriffs, Park Police, Customs, Coast Guard, or DEC were called in for backup......  But seriously,  Skunks and raccoons have become a problem in our village.  According to G. Millett DPW Superintendent, the skunks and raccoons  love garbage.  Especially garbage that is not in a garbage can with the lid firmly placed on top.  It is even suggested that the lid be bungee corded   So everyone, please do not place your garbage out to early, make sure that the bags are sealed tightly, and also make sure you place all garbage in cans sealed tightly with lids.

Party @ Gertrude Karris' House

Dear Friends,

Thank you for all your support and encouragement as I work on my campaign for County Clerk.  I am throwing a little fundraiser in hopes of raising some money for campaign materials and hoping you will bring someone new to the party, and introduce them to me.

Date:  Wednesday 23 September
Time:  6-8pm
Where:  My yard....
12641 Ridge Road
Town of Hounsfield

Go down Rt 3 towards Henderson.
At the entrance to Westcott Beach, turn left by the store....
GO SLOW....on your left is a white ranch house with stars on it, park in driveway or against the fence, or squeeze in on the yard if it is not muddy.

If you have questions, call, or email, or call my coordinator David Giver at 802-338-6608.

Looking forward to seeing you!
Gertrude Karris

*** JC's thoughts....
Gert the Clerk was at the Democrats Sunset Cruise last night.  Here are some of my observations about Gertrude Karris:  She has a vivacious personality along with endless energy.  To me, that sounds just like what the Doctor ordered for the DMV....

Monday, September 21, 2009

Beautiful On Our River

The Jefferson Democrats held a special Sunset Cruise on the St. Lawrence River tonight!  We all boarded the Bonnie Belle for a 1and 1/2hour cruise.......

More from Jefferson Democrat Blog 

Republican Absentee Ballots

...for the Village Justice, will be counted on Tuesday 9/22/09.   The official results should be made available later that day.  Good luck to G. Merritt and S. Pennington.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Night with Jeff Beck

My friend Cincinnati Brad sent me these youtube vids and I thought some of you may appreciate Beck's artistry as a jazz/rocker.....oh and btw Eric Clapton is not to shabby either.

The next vid is a close up of Becks sleight of hand.......Eddie VanHalen surely copied this

Grab a glass of vino.....Doc, your invited too.... and enjoy

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Are You Wondering About Mr C?



My friend Curmudgeon told me about Mr Condescending several months ago.  He has a couple of blogs, that have some mean spirited comments [I love that description] , visual character assassinations, rants, raves,challenges,advice, and don't forget the humor.  His humor is sweet and dry, kind of like a perfect Manhattan.    His topics are filled with lots of words, some big ones too. Words that have more than 1 or 2 syllables.   Some of you may not have the time to read all these words.  This is called attention span, the further north you go, the shorter it gets.  If you are shocked by his advice and humor, then just look at his photography.  Well composed, with lots of stunning effects.  These are not snap shots.  If you do wander over to his blog, make sure you check out some of the other blogs he follows.  Especially You. Me. No Adult Supervision which is authored by Sally-Sal, I guess some of you would say she is a funny Gal.

 Mr Condescending's Blogs:
 So Many Losers   So Many Photos  Trailer Fun Park and Adventures

At the bottom of his blog, Mr C offers his readers a disclosure:
Please just take this for what it is, which is plain and simple humor. 

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Maurice W. Pomfrey

Maurice Pomfrey, a gentleman and conversationalist  died on 9/16/09.  I always enjoyed our casual chit chats.  He always made you feel like you were the most important person in his life.....


The title of this little snippet is called Things Said In Secret.  I received it in the mail today.  No return address or signature!  So in a sense it was sent to me anonymously.  Which makes this a paradox.  It does however deserve the attention for all of you "anonymous said".

I did google Things Said in Secret..... it was taken from a Daily Devotional booklet called Our Daily Bread.......so you see......nobody is really anonymous....not even the person that sent this to me!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Unofficial Primary Results

Results Here

As of 9:24pm 100% of the votes in...

George F. Merritt 19 Votes

Sherry L. Pennington 22 Votes

That is a close shave............ I thought there were more than 41 Republicans in the village?  Then again, I was sure there was more than the 39 Democrats that showed up at the Caucus.  I guess not everyone appreciates the importance of the Caucus and Primary.  Its not all about the November Election Day folks..........

Democracy is all about having and making a choice!  Some believe in it, some voice it, and sadly, some do not.........Thank you George Merritt for giving the voters a choice........and Congratulations to Sherry Pennington.

Automated Political Messages and Survey's

Like,,,,....... political junk mail isn't bad enough.

Remember last fall, all the super-sized post cards we all received in the mail just prior to election day [and some after election day]!  Here is the newest political propaganda attack on the voters........

800-601-7498 an automated call from Kevin, who claimed to be an avid supporter of the upstate NY Democratic party.  His quasi robotic voice is begging you to show up at a special Dem. meeting this Thursday in Watertown.  Do NOT wait for me, start the meeting without me.

I received this next call about 5 minutes after the first one!!!!!!!  202-461-3457 another droning mechanical voice wanting to know if I would participate in a survey for who I was going to get my vote for Congress.  CLICK!

If you guys want to encourage more voter participation and less voter apathy...these calls and mailers are not going to change anything.  All it does is piss people off during the dinner hour.

Today is the Primary


Monday, September 14, 2009

Still in Litigation

Remember this topic $12,000 payout to 3 ex-village cops!  I was told by one of the VB trustees almost 2 weeks ago that the details would be given to me so that I could pass it on to you.  At last weeks VB meeting the trustee got wind from Attorney Gebo that this payout is in fact still in litigation and therefore could not discuss it with me any further. I was told by the same trustee that this all stemmed from the Chief Sacco days!  You guys want me to believe that the litigation/payout is Sacco's fault/problem.......well ya know what.....I don't believe it.  I will keep this little ditty on my radar and Reynolds Wrap it later.

House Calls Migrate to Car Wash

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Republican Primary Village Justice

 Please view the messages from the incumbent Sherry L. Pennington and candidate for Village Justice George F. Merritt

This presentation can be viewed full screen by making a the selection towards the bottom after the slide counter

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

TB Alexandria Meeting 9.09.09

Here is the audio from tonight's Town Board meeting:  Be patient there is a slight delay before the audio begins to play

Town Of Alexandria Board Meeting 9.09.09 from p guston on Vimeo.

Route 12 Sewer Project
Dee Dee Sanford's citation for Heroism is at 10min:45secs
Tennis Island Loop and Boathouse Road name change 12min:36sec
Dry Hydrant Point Vivian 24min:16secs
Request Bids for Fuel 25:57
Budget modification Redwood water district 26:06
Rural Development Otter St Water Project Grant 26:47
Bids for demolition Robinson Garage 27:11
Request for support of proposed I98 28:49
Municipal Solutions billing increase 30:25
Approve Frank Sestir to re-do the Town web page 31:22
Zoning changes....public hearing schedule 32:11
Warming room Ice Arena 35:33
Tax Incentive program discussion 38:18
Development Authority discussion 39:30
Road report 47:45

Dee Dee Sanford

At tonight's Town of Alexandria Board Meeting, Dee Dee Sanford was awarded a citation from Town Supervisor Martha Millett for his Bold and Appreciated Act of Heroism.  Dee Dee, without hesitation came to the rescue of Mike Parker, a swimmer in distress.

More on Dee Dee and other items from tonight's meeting will be available in audio later.....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

VB Meeting 9.08.09

Here is the audio from tonight's VB meeting:

ABAY VB meeting 9.08.09 from p guston on Vimeo.

Treasurers Report: Revenue from the docks and parking meters....7min:57sec
Trustee reports 10min:00 through 12min:00
IMA Back Nine Walking Trail 13min:27sec
Golf Cart Bids
Bruce Carhart waiver liquor license 20min:09
Hire Part Time Police Officer August Bonno 25min:39sec
MapleCrest Sign request 25min:29sec
Curb work bids 34min:20sec
Village ordinance update 36min:10sec
Police Bikes 40min:59sec

Local PD Purchase 2 Bicycles

Remember the show that came out in the middle 90's.........called Pacific Blue?  Here is a teaser from that show:

The Village of Alexandria Bay PD has purchased 2 mountain bikes to help patrol the village when traffic has congested our streets.  2 officers have officially received police bike training.  2 more will be trained later this season.  When are we going to hire a female police officer that looks like the one on the TV series?

$399 for each bike 
Audio from tonight's VB meeting will be available shortly.......

Monday, September 7, 2009

New Comment on an older Topic

Anonymous said...
To : City officials of Alexandria Bay I have been coming to the 1000 Islands for most of my 59 years. I really do love the Islands. I would like nothing more than to see Alexandria Bay get cleaned up. Is there anyway the State could help with some of the Federal funds they have received. I would like to suggest the following. 1st - Public Rest Rooms - The public rest rooms at the Upper James Street dock really need to be renovated. The one’s at Clayton are much more nicer and are bigger. With multiple people in my family it takes a lot out of our vacation time, when we have to stop at the bathrooms in Alex Bay. There are not enough stalls for us to use at the same time and the bathroom at Clayton tends to be cleaner. 2nd - The Old Home Stead Restaurant - The property is dilapidated and has been a real eye sore for many years. Can something be done to bring the property back to it’s former self? 3rd - Docking.- Why can’t the large boats be rafted? Does it really make any sense for one boat to tie up so much space? Boats that are rafting would split the fee and free up dock space. I have an idea for small floating docks that would go in between the boats that are staying for a long time. No need for the people on the outer boat to walk across the inner boat, They would use the floating dock. More public docking should be added. Some such places include: on the river at the park and the lower side of the bay. Lengthen the James Street dock would also allow for additional docking. Thank for your time.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Meeting Judge Kim @ Capt. Visger in Aleaxandria Bay

A slide show of a fund raiser for  Judge Kim Martusewicz
at Captain Visger House  in Alexandria Bay.

Blues In The Bay Sunday 9.6.09

Another Great Day In The Bay........Remember......Love you till Labor Day....

Last Day Of Parking Meters

....was Saturday. Unlike last Labor Day, there will be no meter enforcement from today {Sunday}till the end of the tourist season. On Labor Day of 2008 I ranted about the parking meters being enforced on a national holiday. Click here to read that old post.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Every Weekend Should Be This Busy

The Topic title is a quote by former Mayor Pat Simpson.  Today started out shaky with the rain early this morning.  But mother nature showed that she has a nice side to her.  What a day and What a CROWD!!!!

NEWS 10 NOW  Video coverage 

Friday, September 4, 2009

$12,000 Payout to 3 ex village Cops

3 police officers, who no longer work for the village of Alex Bay  because of hasty village board members actions during executive sessions......... may  now have to compensated  .....all at the expense to village taxpayers.......more later

Say That Again?

Sometimes there are miscommunications and misconceptions.  We think we understand the message and then act on it, only to find out that our listening and comprehension  skills are not so good.  Here are some examples:

Sandy: Carl I want you to kill all the gophers on the golf course 
Carl Spackler: Correct me if I'm wrong Sandy, but if I kill all the golfers they'll lock me up and throw away the key
Sandy: Not golfers, you great fool. Gophers. THE LITTLE BROWN, FURRY RODENTS.  
Carl Spackler: We can do that. We don't even need a reason.


George W. Bush said we are going to wage war on Terrorism.......He never ever mentioned waging war on Tourists

Last thought:  We are here for Hospitality and Tourism.....NOT Hostility towards Tourists

Blues In The Bay

I will be taking lots of pictures of this fabulous Music event.  Check back here over the weekend,  I will be posting pictures daily.  Click here for the weekend schedule

Roosevelt Dean Band Friday night  9/4/09

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Caucus Analysis

The dust has settled and I have had time to think about the days leading up to and including the night of the caucus itself.  Interesting concept.....the Democratic Caucus.  For years the village has had caucuses with little Dem. participation.  The chairman, and the Dems who were running for positions and maybe 1 or 2 spectators, and that was it.  This years caucus attracted 39 village Dems as well as some town Dems who just happened to arrive early [ town caucus was scheduled after the village].  There were a few non dems that attended, which brought the total number of spectators close to 50.  50...... which is 10 times the normal number.  I could tell the Chair of the Caucus was excited about the turn out.  I also know that he was a little nervous.  Richard Drake did a great job and conducted a fair caucus. 

I have been to a couple of village caucuses and  was surprised that some very long time locals admitted that they have never been to a caucus.    It was exhilarating to see such a turn out of spectators.  I say spectators because compared to how the Republicans do there thing, our caucus seemed like a boxing match. 

The incumbent mayor used about 20 seconds of his allotted 5 minutes to speak to the crowd.  Then  it was my turn.......I used all of my 5 minutes and then borrowed 46 seconds from him.  I did make some observations while I was speaking.  There was a lady in the first row.  Not sure if she was trying to distract me, but she did catch my peripheral attention.  She was whinnying like Mr Ed and her mannerisms  reminded me of someone who was having a seizure.  She fidgeted in her chair and kept looking to the people seated around her......pointing  and thumbing in my direction.  She seemed to be saying something like ......see....I told you so.......he is an bleeeep.....  While the incumbent spoke, nobody disrespected or tried to distract  him!  Oh well......someday I will speak to this lady and let her know that she was a disgrace to the caucus.

I strongly suggested to the chairman that from now on, the Democratic party should provide any refreshments.  The candidates should bring themselves and nothing else. Nor should a candidate announce that they have brought water and all are welcomed to it.......[that happened during the voting process].  Even though one of the clerks showed the box was empty, kind of like a magicians assistant............  A card board shield should be made so that the clerks can not peek at the name being written down.  Other than that, I had a great time at the caucus and I hope to see you there next year and more importantly in 2 years..........

One last thought........to bad the TI Sun did not report on this caucus......maybe they were not there [wink wink]