Saturday, October 29, 2016

Village Elections

Village Of Alexandria Bay:

We have an important election coming up. Nope, not that presidential one. I am talking about the Village of Alexandria Bay electing two [2] village trustees.

I stepped down is Democrat Chairman back in June. I notified the County Commissioner, Chairman, and all of our local party members. I posted several blog articles, asking for someone "special" to step up and take the reigns. That ball rolled around the field and nobody picked it up. I guess it was easier for the committee to do nothing and point blame.....

That is why the Democrats never had a caucus and therefore no candidates on the ballot. Which does not make some downtown business owners very happy. Not that they really have a say, since they are not registered voters in the village.

But opinions they have! In late September I talked with one business owner who greeted me with..... "Way to drop the Political Ball" in reference to me stepping down as Chair. This guy learned instantly that I was not going to take that slam. He immediately retracted that comment with. "Just Kidding". And he believed I fell for that and continued to weave a tale of a meeting of key downtown business owners expressing their displeasure for one of the Republican Candidates. They referred to him as a loose canon, a menace to the community and clueless in regards to the differences between Municipality and Commerce. [Local Govt and Business].

Can't say that I disagree with their assessment of that Republican candidate. But wait, there are 2 Republican
candidates on the ballot for village trustee[s]. I just can not leave you wondering which one. now can I? That would be unfair to the other....

I will tell you who the business owners were NOT referring to. They were not referring to Mark H. Reynolds. You can choose Mark by going to row B column 8.
More Later