Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Police Blotter 6.30.09

Tonight at the Muskie Lounge:
A woman claims that she was struck in the face by someone that she may have been drinking with.  The NYS Police as well as the Village Police were notified. The investigation by the State Police continues. The unknown woman was later seen leaving with the State Police.
I hope she finds her friends........

Saturday, June 27, 2009

T.I.R.R. 6.27.09

Some random pics ......
In regards to the first two slides,  I have seen better looking Lemonade stand signs ......

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

A unique dining experience offered by the Alexandria Historical Society.  We have gone to this for several years.  You never know who you are going to have dinner with or where your destination will take you.  This is a great opportunity to help support the Alexandria Historical Society 

Friday, June 26, 2009

Got any Michael Jackson Jokes?

Walmart Sale:
In memory of Michael Jackson all kids clothes will be 1/2 off till July 4th!

Since Michael Jackson was 90% plastic, he will be melted down and molded into Leggos for little kids to play with.

CNN Reports:
Michael Jackson choked on a couple of little nuts

If you have any jokes you would like to share, leave them in the comments section of this topic.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

American Legion Games of Chance At The Pavilion

VB New Business Portion of the meeting 6.23.09

According to the representatives of the Alexandria Bay American Legion that were present at the meeting:

As a not for profit organization, their games of chance license is not only for their physical location [at the legion] but also on any Village Property.  The Legion has rented a booth at the pavilion during The Biker Weekend.  They will have The Wheel and Pull Tabs for people to play. This is to entice the bikers to go up to the Legion where more games of chance are available to play. The Legion originally wanted permission from the VB to set up a similar booth [on James St.] for all the major summer events.  The VB granted permission for Biker Weekend event only.  Just to see how it goes. 8min:28secs

I was hoping that one of the VB members would ask to see this documentation from the N.Y.S. Racing & Wagering Board regarding the off site licensing [nobody asked].  Documents like this [remember the sign ordinance?] are sometimes subject to interpretation.

Other items under New Business:
  • Appoint Greg Millett DPW Supt. thru 11.30.09.[This term is good from 12.01.09 - 11.30.11]
  • Listing of Chamber of Commerce Events 1min:49sec
  • River Hospital request for donation...Denied....the mayor wanted this filed [circular?] 7min:25sec
  • A.T.H.S. concert series request 19min:42sec
There are two interesting comments [slams actually] made in reference to 2 local business men......I dare you to try and find them ;) Happy Hunting
Ok, here some hints:
One was at the meeting [you should never leave the meeting after you speak, someone always talks about you].  The other business man was not at the meeting [but often is ]

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tonights VB Meeting Public Concerns 6.23.09

 This is the AUDIO LINK for public concerns.

I brought up the fire hydrant on the corner of James and Church Streets, closest to the Downtown Nite Club. It's location makes it hard to see while parallel parking.  I have noticed several cars bumping into it.  This hydrant should be marked so that drivers can clearly see it.

The mayor makes a feeble attempt to "put me in my place" with his girlie-man tactics at 7min:12secs. 

At 7min:20secs Alex Mosher took the stand at public concerns regarding this weeks upcoming T.I.R.R. event.  Alex made a some of pertinent comments but you all need to zero in on a few, to fully appreciate the dialogue.  Listen to the entire audio....

At 12min:20secs Alex Made this statement
if this weekend is going to be like a year ago my business is going to be down
At 13min:56secs the mayor is asked this question:
mayor perhaps you could give me your opinion about that

At 16min:44sec the mayor becomes a marketing idiot when he makes this comment:
Alex, I think what you sell in your store is NOT the typical motorcycle crowd jewelry
This comment is countered by Alex when he says "yes it is"

Personally I have had it with the lunacy of a man that thinks his title of mayor grants him honorary degrees in marketing, medicine, business law, graphic arts and god knows what else.  Here is some advice......Shut the fuck up and tend to the business you were elected to.

Apathy and the Helmet Law

WTF, for two years I have pleaded with village officials regarding the helmet law for kids under the age of 14, yes that age is FOURTEEN.  How did I plead with them?  I knew that peer pressure would prevail and kids would be shedding their helmets before the cut off age of 14.  But no........the officials and the VPD just listened to me and chose to look the other wayWHY?  Because there is no real revenue in issuing tickets for helmet violations.  NOW it has become a big deal and kids under the age of 14 are now being warned by the local VPD.

So what happened to recently force our VPD to start to take this old law seriously enough to issue warnings to our local youths who are not wearing helmets?  Recent discussions about the congestion on downtown sidewalks .  Congestion caused by foot traffic, sandwich boards, shopping carts, cardboard boxes and racks displaying sale items.  The closing of the local kid hangout known as the arcade has forced a lot of the kids on to the streets creating a huge grouping of kids on bikes, skateboards, and scooters.

Dear Parents,
If you have concerns or questions about this helmet law....please call the Village Offices @ 315-482-9902  Hours: M-F 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.  You might want to ask what happens if your child is warned more than once [or twice].  Even though the child can not be ticketed,  I bet the responsible adult can be fined.

For further info regarding this law as it relates to NYS please visit Bikes and Wheel Sports Safety

Dear Village Officials,
If It is noticed that you are not being consistent with this helmet law or you pick and choose who to warn or not to warn because of certain social / economic backgrounds or any bias what so ever.........lets just say........we will be dancing!

Waiter There Are Micro Organisms In My Food

Now that is something you will never hear.  So why does the old hair in the food get used so often?   
{This is in response to an incident that happened a few days ago.  It may not make any sense to you.  Sorry if you are out of the "loop"]

Scenario 1
You are at a friends house for dinner.  You contribute a couple of bottles of wine and an appetizer.  Everyone sits down to eat.  One person at the table dramatically pulls a hair out of the appetizer that you prepared.  Ask yourself this ........what usually happens next?  You fill in the answer!

Scenario 2
You and a significant other attend a wedding reception.  Your S/O finds a hair in one of the entree's.  What usually happens next?

Hair is visible to the naked eye and can be found in food prepared in the most sterile of kitchens.  The chances of becoming physically ill from ingesting a strand of hair are remote.  Psychological effects can be interesting.  Right now I can imagine a strand of hair caught around that little punching bag in the back of my throat and .........I start to gag........and gagging leads to barfing.  ARRRGH!  Ruined meal for me and everyone adjacent to my table.  But again that is all psychological.

Now picture this in your food
It is a micro organism called the novovirus.  Does it make you want to gag?  Nope, it does not have any effect on me either.  But wait!  Everyone should be more worried about this and other food borne pathogens in food than any amount of hair.  There are restaurants that do not properly wash and sanitize dishes or silverwareOthers do not instruct staff to practice safe hand washing
Now that is gross.

Links Below for your Reference:

Waiter / Waitress Jokes

Foodborne Pathogens 

Monday, June 22, 2009

Going Out On The River For Fathers Day

Taking a pontoon boat on the river for Fathers Day .................PRICELESS!
Cruising the river on a beautiful day with the wife and kids,  ALSO PRICELESS!
Being boarded by the O.P.P. ......................UNLUCKY!
Finding out there are no adult life preservers on the boat........OUCH!
Having the OPP confiscate all of Dad's Beer......LIKE A ROOT CANAL, NO NOVOCAINE!
Being fined by the OPP.......$300 or so........ANOTHER ROOT CANAL AND A KICK IN THE BALLS
Escorted by the OPP back to American Waters.....HAVING SOME FUN NOW!

Having the US Coast Guard escort you back to the Dock......THE CRUISE OF SHAME!
Further questioning by the USCG...........SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN BED
Carrying  your own cooler with water and juice [NO BEER] back to the truck......SPEECHLESS!
Can things get any worse?
YUP!  Having this asshole with a camera [me] catch the whole thing and then post it on his blog

From fathers day priceless

From fathers day priceless

Saturday, June 20, 2009

LIVE Sandwich Boards

I thought the sandwich board issue was dead.  Now they are ALIVE!  Walking talking advertisements.
So Why Did The Chicken And The Pizza Cross The Street?
To Get To The Korner!

Old C.P. Romans 3 James St.

My inside sources tell me that the old night club will  re-open  as a Juice Bar.  No more details are available at this time.  I guess the name will be Rock Bottom   Would you believe the name might be RUMORS

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sampie and Political IV

Fellow Blogger Political IV  re-introduces Sampie Sutton with this line......

"The colorful former Supervisor from Alexandria Bay, Sampie Sutton, who was sent by voters to political purgatory in his last election wants to be reelected."........

If this rumor is true then Sampie will be taking on incumbent Martha Millett.  Is June 17th a little early to be starting the campaign for Town Supervisor?

Check out this related link  with audio A letter from Fairman "Sampie" Sutton


NO, not mine!
In my youth I never read obits.  They did not interest me in the least.  Obits. interest me more now, since I have gotten older and none the wiser [beat ya to the punch on that one all you JC haters out there]  The hand scribbled word on the top sums up this obit....... WEIRD!  It is a long chronicle of this mans life, but it is so friggin weird that it deserves your attention.

From Obituary

My obit will be short and sweet and  read something like this.......
JC, a friend to a few and an asshole to the rest of you!

Why such a short obit.......?
Just as I like to keep my blog entries brief while using small words, that way most of you will get my point!

One final thought on this whole morbid ritual.......
I would hope to get many visitors at my grave.  Friends and Foes are always welcome.  Bring a bottle in a brown bag and pour it generously over the ground that covers my plot.  But I expect you not to waste that booze on me for I am dead.  Please filter it through your kidneys first.

Prompt Response By Local Fire Departments

Wednesday @ about 3:pm
Volunteer Fire Departments from Alexandria Bay, Redwood and Plessis were summoned to Garlocks Lumber and Hardware.  It turned out to be smoldering debris in a container which was quickly extinguished.   I would think that the words fire and lumber yard would get anyone's heart pounding a mile a minute. Great job to all the men and women that volunteer in the local Fire Departments.
Video at ABAY.com 

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Friday Night @ The Relay For Life

My wife Mary, who has been cancer free for 5 years, walked in the Relay For Life. Here are some photos she took, see if you can spot any of our local gals.........

Friday, June 12, 2009

Quote Of The Week

"A man who talks all the time, because he thinks he knows everything, hasn't learned anything in a long time"..........
{This might be viewed by some of you as rantings of a mad man.............}

Follow C.F.B. thoughts with this quote from Tom Waits' song Singapore..
In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king

Yellow Brick Road

Another marketing scheme to attract customers into their shop.  The owners of the Thousand Islands Pepper Store decided to paint a yellow sidewalk on the asphalt leading to their shop located behind Poor Johns Ice Cream Stand.  A creative idea prompted by the latest craze of sandwich boards.  Village DPW Supt. G. Millett was alerted because  someone lodged a complaint at the village offices.  His only concern that it was being done on private property and that the yellow paint would not "spill" onto the pavers.


Does This Sound Familiar?


........"The town of Champion has issued two citations to Larry J. Lacey, the property owner and investor in O'Larry's Dolls, 32808/812 Route 3, for constructing a sign without a permit and making renovations to a bar that encourages employees to show "specified anatomical areas," the violation letter said"........

Specified Anatomical Areas? 
Which Ones?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Letter From Fairman [Sampie] Sutton

A letter was presented to the TB on 5.13.09.  It was briefly discussed and then tabled till tonights meeting pending TB review.  Here is the AUDIO of tonights discussion.  Details of the actual letter from Sampie are vague and tonights discussion had more to do with the auditors and the criteria they used about various TB property including gasoline.  Comments Anyone!

VB TB Shared Services 6.10.09

All were present from both boards, for tonights shared services meeting.  I even have a [blurry] picture of the meeting to prove  to any of you non-believers.  Here is the AUDIO for this brainstorming session.

From board meeting minutes

A lot was discussed during this session but there is an interesting section of the audio that pertains to the Village Justice.  Trustee Sweet is quoted as saying " We Are Loosing A Lot Of Money" 15min:25sec

TB Meeting 6.10.09

The Main agenda is broken down into 2 audio files.  Only because there was an item in the in the middle of the  agenda that I wanted to address by itself.

Main Agenda AUDIO Part 1
Fence Law and the revision of it's language
Arena and the approval for application for Blueprint Revitalization Grant 10min:45sec
Highland Park Cemetery and grant application 11min:28sec
Point Vivian Cemetery- repair sign 14min:18sec
Route 12 sewer, $116,000.00 remains in the account 15min:40sec
Route 12 joint sewer project with Clayton and Orleans 19min:00sec
Robinson Garage 21min:13sec

Main Agenda AUDIO Part 2
Teamsters raises and Miscellaneous stuff

One Thousand Dollars

....is what each of the following organizations will receive from the Village of Alex Bay:
  • Hearts For Youth
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Macsherry Library
  • Historical Society
This is a one time funding in addition to the amount that each receives yearly.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Paparazzi meet Trailerazzi

Abay.com has Paparazzi and Mr. Condescending has Trailerazzi.  Both are committed amateur photographers, but there are some subtle differences.........check them out.

Downtown Sign Request APPROVED

At first it was tabled, then DENIED, followed by Fines and possible Jail Time.  I am guessing that the Downtown owners got sick of the roller coaster ride and hired a lawyer to check out the Village Sign Ordinance.
According to the mayor, our sign ordinance is very loose........ A lot of time was wasted on this sign and the Korner sign.  Restrictions on back lighted signs only apply to signs in residential areas. Here is the AUDIO Part 1

Sandwich Board discussions were tabled till this fall or maybe winter...........I am guessing that this issue will just fade away into oblivion.  After all the sign ordinance is so poorly written and anything to do with sandwich board is .........lets say non existent.  Sandwich board AUDIO Part 2 is Here

Other items can be heard in AUDIO Part 1:
  • Ambulance bids 4min:45sec
  • Korner Sign request 6min:16sec
  • LWRP extension 7min:13sec
  • Hearts 4 Youth funding 8min:00sec

More items can be hear in AUDIO Part 2:
  • Sandwich Board 
  • River Hospital banner request 1min:18sec

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Spontaneous Parade

The Shriners were in the village today.  They just kinda appeared, without much notice.  The parade had a surreal quality to it........and then they vanished as quick as they appeared!

Shriners Parade from p guston on Vimeo.

Yard Sale

Around 40 registered for the Village Wide Yard Sale today.  There were tons of people in town and the traffic was congested.  Was this part of the economic stimulus package?


From dancin dog YOW

Friday, June 5, 2009

Gettin Your Groove On

For the past few months, I had heard that Michael Simpson [Chef from the Clipper] was moonlighting as a drummer on Friday Nights.  Apparently he had a mid-life crisis and purchased a set of drums to satisfy his URGE.  Good for him!  Life is way to short and as you watch the video, you can not help but notice that he IS in the GROOVE.....

Drummin Clipper Style from p guston on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

What A Long Strange Trip It's Been

I see you've got your fist out:
Say your piece and get out.
Guess I get the gist of it, but
It's all right.
Sorry that you feel that way.
The only thing there is to say:
Every silver lining's got a
Touch of grey.
I will get by, I will get by, I will get by, I will survive
It's a lesson to me:
The Ables and the Beggars and the Cease.
The ABC's we all must face
To try to keep a little grace.
It's a lesson to me:
The Deltas and the East and the Freeze.
The ABC's we all think of
To try to win a little love..........

The winner of the Tony Folino Business Of The Year Award,
Alex and BJ Mosher......Treasure Island

Folino Business Of The Year Award from p guston on Vimeo.

Good Will Ambassador

A Special Recognition Award that was presented to Charlie Rexford at tonights Citizen of the Year Dinner......
Congratulations Charlie.....

Charlie Rexford from p guston on Vimeo.

Bald Headed Chicken Plucker

This is lampooning at its finest.  Michael B. [aka my cuz] does an outstanding job of presenting Helethea Roy with some memorabilia from the past and the present.  Mike presented props....... everything from a cleat to a cage.  He reminded Helethea of that Baldheaded Chicken Plucker [who was that?], the playground down at the village beach [seemed like yesterday], and it goes on and on.........

BaldHeaded Chicken Bleep from p guston on Vimeo.

My only regret of the evening!  I stopped the video about 30 seconds too soon.  What you missed was Ron T whisking the wooden cage out the door so fast that it would have made your head spin.  NOW THAT WAS FUNNY

Diet Sandwich Board

Another Creative Folly by Ron S.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Citizen of the Year Pictures

Tonight, Helethea Roy was honored as this years Citizen of the Year.  Others were also honored, but Helethea gets the spot light tonight.  I have tons of video and audio as well from tonights special dinner at the Riveredge Resort.  I will be uploading those over the next few days [audio and video takes some time to prepare and upload]  For the time being please enjoy the slide show:

If you see a picture that you like.....please email me at pguston@gmail.com and I will be more than happy to send you a copy.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Heavenly Sign

And so it came to pass - the sandwich sign issue was resolved by the 'Big guy in the sky!
Ron S. was using google maps and found this sign hovering over the Bay.