Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bond Resolution For Dock Reconstruction

The mayor wanted to set an amount for money allocated  for the work done on the dock NOT TO EXCEED $350,000.00.  Some of the VB members were reluctant to OK this amount for fear of "public perception" [lots of irate phone calls to VB members].  It almost went to a vote but was tabled...........

Dog Training Class at the Village Community room 2/4/10
Bond Resolution for Dock Construction 2min:31sec
IMA Town and Village Hearts for Youth 16min59secs
IMA between the Villages of Alex Bay and Clayton: Sludge Hauling 18min:51secs
Another IMA same as above, sharing WWTP and Water Treatment operators 23min:25secs

27min:30secs   A question was asked about the minutes from the last meeting.  Regarding executive session discussion regarding legal action against Rick Merola and Harbor Villas for his failure to pay water bills.  The mayor was asked how much was owed to the village......his reply....$26,000

Friday, January 29, 2010


I have seen many government, corporate, or organizational flowcharts.......  This one sums it all up.  It must be human nature...

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Please take a moment and Pray for all the young people in our community.  They have lost one of their own.....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Upper James St. Dock Status

The following audio is from tonight's VB meeting.  I divided the meeting into 3 separate audios.  I figured this is the part of the meeting that everyone is interested in.  The dock status fell under Old Business.  The first 2 minutes of the audio is the Riverwalk status, the dock status starts at 2min:31secs.  Lets all play a little game......and it goes like this:  You hit the play button and listen to the audio!  Get all the facts, and then nobody can say that I am stirring up shit!  There will be no opinions from moi, well....... maybe not until later!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I am guilty of using 2 of the 7........I was told last night that if I am going to be a politician,  I need to clean up my act [this blog].  The same person[s] also criticized me for not trying hard enough to get elected as Town Council.  The other guy that was running for the other TC seat did not try hard enough either.  Hell, his name could not even be recalled right away.  They said Jim, you have to get out there and talk to people[ tell them what they want to hear].  The conversation went on, critiquing me and what I did wrong . Why couldn't  you get elected to beat out ONLY ONE of the TWO [R] incumbents that they wanted out!

I made up my mind a couple of weeks ago.....I love politics but political office is not for me [Hooray].  I just can not tell people what they want to hear.  I will not put up a false facade to become electable.  I can not pretend to listen intently while conjuring up a concerned look on my face.  I did learn something, while observing political people......they are vicious!  More so than a junk yard dog!  More character assassinations have taken place behind their closed doors than on this blog or in the forums.  I am not a politician and if anything I might just make this blog more gritty.  It is my humor and WHO I AM.   One last thought......I know I can not make you do this.....but you need to start hitting the play button.  The video below is an example of what I think is funny!  Others that I include in this blog are the audio of meetings and therefore facts.  Hit the PLAY button and you will be either entertained or informed.  Remember, anything that I type is my OPINION.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Dock Might Be A Disaster For Abay

If the  repair of  the Upper James St Docks can not avoid the inevitable RED TAPE and IF the docks are not ready for the 2010 summer season.......This would be a disaster for the village of Alex BayBusiness's will close and may never re-open.  Those are very accurate comments made by the Village Mayor T Robb.  Senator Aubertine and Assemblywoman Russell met with Mayor Robb, Trustee Jarvis, and North Fourth Coast Engineers today at the docks. As I listened to the dialogue, it occurred to me that there is a ton of bureaucratic BS that our village is going to have overcome in order to make sure that the the Upper James St. Docks are open in plenty of time before the beginning of our tourist season. Everyone better hold their breaths and say their prayers [including me]....NO JOKE......we are in deep shit!

I did not have my trusty voice recorder with me today. And I did not take any notes. So I will not even try to tell you all that was discussed at this meeting. Not only that, there was a meeting with the Aubertine and Russell at the Village Offices after everyone met at the dock. I did not attend [nor was I invited], but I am anticipating a more detailed reporting in next weeks TI Sun.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Found Money To Fix Dock

My suggestion is to shift the route of the Riverwalk Project so that it includes the Upper James St Dock [currently the project does not include the docks as part of the riverwalk] .  Funding problem solved!  In case you do not remember, the project has a 1.2 million dollar price tag.  The Village taxpayers were going to have to fork over 20% of that 1.2 million bucks which would be $226,000.  We could pay $200,000 for the repair of the upper James St dock and $226,000 for the Riverwalk project.  Or just shift the route........$200,000 SAVED!  Go ahead all ye naysayers and tell me this won't work......

Here is something else that everyone has forgotten......The past few summers a group of volunteer scuba divers pick up debris around the Upper James Dock.  The divers noticed the deterioration and Village Officials were notified.  Soooooo this should have been no surprise! 

Village Dock

This is an email I received.......

How could this not have been anticipated? If built in the 40's it should have been assumed that it's life span was getting short and money should have been set aside for this fix over the past several years. Now the failure of this section of dock renders the entire docks in the upper bay useless. This dock is vital to the financial viability of Alex Bay. We all walked it as kids and dreamed of boating. It is where families go to walk and money comes in to town. Had power been added and charged for like our Canadian friends have in Kingston and Brockville then more income would have been generated to offset the inevitable deterioration. Time is of the essence in getting this ready for boat traffic prior to May 1st. Hold a fund raiser, beg for money or cancel the taser. ;) Just do whatever it takes.. a community event like a barn raising. This is the focus of A Bay and the point of contact for nearly ALL visitor. With out a "town dock" many of us have talked and we will no longer come to the Bay at all. The tone from the mayor's office the pAST year has seemed to be "screw those boaters" but I can tell you that w/o a dock to come to our impact on the town will be measured quickly by the merchants we love to support in spite of the mentality of those in charge of the Village. What can we who care do to help? Is a fund being set up? Can we donate towards a fix??? Are state funds available? (not too likely) Is it even possible to get this done in 3 months? we all wish for the best for the little river town we love. You can't change the fact that this was not caught until too late. Let's fix it fast and right. See you in the spring? 

Name withheld by request

Bay Seeks Funds To Repair Deteriorating Dock  Article from the WDT

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Paterson sez lu·gu·bri·ous

"....this is somewhat of a lugubrious picture we are painting...."  

That was in reference to New York state's economic condition.Who does he think he is talking to?  I had to look that word up....[I admit it].  It means gloomy.  Just say what you mean Gov.........  Edvard Munch is a lugubrious artist!  And it makes me want to SCREAM....

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Does Your Government Measure Up?

A summer resident suggested I read this book.  She also strongly urged all of our local officials study it!  Who suggested this reading? Carol Dwyer did, she also co-authored the book.


"Written for candidates, elected and appointed government officials as well as concerned citizens in small cities, towns, and villages, Does Your Government Measure Up? is a tool for improving local government." "This book introduces the bare essentials for good government in areas of finance, public works, parks and recreation, police, assessment, building codes, emergency medical services, personnel and even Web site development. The authors show how to use benchmarking to increase government efficiency and effectiveness." "The tools presented in the book have been developed by the Maxwell School at Syracuse University in close cooperation with more than 100 government officials in Central New York and throughout the United States."--BOOK JACKET.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours

Reciprocation, Cooperation, and Sharing are words that sum up the above topic.  It is a two way street, give AND take.....

The Village received some bad news the other night when we found out the Upper James St Dock is structurally unsound.  The day after the village meeting, The VB sent one of its delegates to ask TS Millett if the town would assist with the cost of fixing the village dock.   She said she would present it to the Town Board meeting that night. 

Lots of suggestions and comments were made when this was presented to the Town Board.  Here are somethings that were said by TB members:

  • We helped the village out when the town took over the ice arena [sarcasm].
  • We do not receive any revenue from the village docks...
  • Tell them to have a raffle.....
  • Sorry it is not in our budget... [ reference to the town asking for a community discount at the village golf course]
  • An inaudible comment about the Police Department......
[In my opinion, the TB politely told the VB to FO]
All of these comments can be heard starting at about 18minutes

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

VB Meeting 1.12.10

Trustee reports start at 4min and continue till about 15min.
Water turn off for non payment 15min36sec
Grants awarded:
  • Zoning Updates $17,500
  • Recreational Trail $99,105 both are matching grants [50/50] 19min18sec
Riverwalk Project status 25min35sec
Fingerprint Scanning System MOTION RESCINDED 27min02sec
Truck and Plow Bond Note 31min26sec
Replace overhead door DPW Garage 39min33sec
Sign Corporate Resolution 46min02sec
Dock Repairs 46min50sec
Water tower painting 1hr02min20sec

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

$150,000+ Needed To Repair Upper James St Dock

Update: Wednesday 1/13/10 4:45pm
As I reviewed my notes from last nights meeting, I realized that I made an error.  The estimated price tag for repairs does not include replacing the wood decking and staving.  Not sure what that portion will cost, but I am guessing the final bill will be closer to $200,000.00.

Approximately 250 to 300 feet of cribbing  has disintegrated and needs to be replaced.  The cement cribs from the restrooms to the gazebo need to be replaced with pilings.  The unofficial cost would be approximately One Hundred and fifty thousand dollars.  The docks are an integral part of our commerce, Trustee Jarvis said.  The mayor has declared an emergency so that repairs to the existing structure can be made while there is ice so that the need for a barge can be avoided.  According to village attorney Gebo, if the dimensions of the dock are not altered, then no permits would be needed.  Declaring an emergency forgoes the need to follow the bidding process, however quotes for the work can be submitted.  DPW Supt. Greg Millett has started to expose the areas where the cribs used to be so that an engineer can make a determination of the extent of deterioration.  They have crumbled and are of no structural use, making the dock extremely unsafe even for foot traffic.

The Upper James St Dock is Closed.

I will be uploading the audio from tonight's meeting later tonight or tomorrow....

Friday, January 8, 2010

Livescan Plagues Other Villages

The electronic fingerprinting state mandate is not just our little local problem.  I found this article on Newzjunky.  I copied this section because I like the way they think!

....Until the state forces the TLPD to switch to electronic prints, Proulx said the department will continue to use ink. He said if the department were to spend the money, it would likely buy a live-scan machine because they are more efficient, but $30,000 is like the price of a new car.
"It's not on our priority list of things to do, because obviously the village is not in a position to pull $30,000 out of the budget to buy this piece of equipment," Proulx said. "As we see it, having new vehicles is a priority to us."....

Nor is the Village of Abay in a position to spend $15,000.    And we already bought a new police car and 2 police bikes [or was that 4?]

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Train To Nowhere

 You can catch it if you want to ride
Don't you worry if it pass you by
You can catch it if you want to ride
Don't you worry if it pass you by
Lord you know the reason why
On this train till I die
Train I ride goes to God knows where
I don't know and I don't care  
Train I ride goes to God knows where
I don't know and I don't care
If you aint got money don't despair
'Cause you don't have to pay no fare
Please now brother don't you ride this train
Ride the wrong rails, live your life in vain
Please now brother don't you ride this train
Ride the wrong rails, live your life in vain

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Spanish translation for BULLSHIT!  If any of you believe for one nano second that the VB had no intention of buying all that equipment for the Livescan fingerprinting system, then you have Gilipollez between your ears.  I have the audio of the meeting.  The TI Sun reported the same in last weeks paper.  Trustee Drake made the motion, Jarvis seconded it.  Jury went along with it but Roy abstained.  According to the mayor at Monday nights Chamber meeting, the Village PD and other small Police Departments do not have to purchase this equipment [I will admit that this is third hand info, I was not there].  I am here to tell you that if I had not contacted Sheriff Burns.......we would have that $15,000 system today.  And that is NO Gilipollez

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Blog My Opinion

As I have said before.....This is My Blog and My OpinionBUT!  I go out of my way to back up my opinions or my slant on topics by also giving you the facts!  The Facts are presented to you in the form of unedited audio or scanned documents.  You are also given the opportunity to voice your opinions in the form of comments on My Blog.  Some of you sign your name to your comments or have subscribed to a google account so that your identity or individuality can be known.  Most choose to post comments anonymously.  A few anonymous posters  take this opportunity to say things that would not be normally said because your identity is protected.  I allow almost all of these "mean spirited" replies for the sake of keeping my blog an "open forum", a place with no censorship.  I draw the line and delete comments that either have nothing to do with the topic or personally attack me or my family.

So what is your responsibility?  

  • Listen to the entire audio that I have provided.
  • Read all the documents that I have scanned. 
  • Post responsible comments.

If you rely on my opinions and do not listen to the audio or read the documents, then shame on you!  I do not expect everyone to agree with me,  but I do expect that you access all the mis information that I provide and then draw your own conclusions.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Town Board Meeting 12/30/09

Public Concerns; None
Fuel Bids 1min:03sec
Public Hearing Zoning Changes: No comments 8min:01secs
Update Otter St. Water 8min47secs
Speed Limit Change Rt. 3 Plessis 28min:20secs
Benefit Assessment Kahrs Property 39min:04secs Leave as Is
Chamber Commerce request to purchase Tent 41:19 NO
Another request from the COC Summer Concert series NO
Tennis Island Rd name change...Motion carried 43min:56secs  2 NO 3 Yes
Budget amend Culture and Recreation  46min:03secs
Robinson Garage property 46min:40secs
Soda Machines in Arena 50min:26secs
Negative Declaration Rt 12 resolution 55min:14secs
Renew Joint Youth Advisory Board Agreement 55min:42secs
Highway Report 56min:09secs
Overhead Heaters in Arena 1hr:03mins

Friday, January 1, 2010


$6,000[+] for Police Station Renovations.
$26,000[+] for New Police Car.
$700 received for the selling of the old police car, the guy that bought it is still driving it to work everyday.
$12,000[+] payed to 3 former officers who filed a lawsuit against the Village.  The Mayor said it could have been worse {$60,000}  Wow we made money on that deal!
$1,200[+] spent on the new Taser....God only knows what kind of lawsuits the village will suffer.... 
$???? not sure what the new Tactical 870 shotgun cost us.  There was so much double talk going on at the board meeting, I got confused.
$15,000[+] spent on old technology for the  Livescan Fingerprint Mandate.  But hey what the hell.....the VB thinks that the surrounding communities will be knocking down our doors to use ours......and the VB wants to charge them a fee.  How friggin neighborly.  As I said earlier, the joke is on them, Clayton is getting a brand new scanner with all the bells and whistles [courtesy of a grant obtained by the Jeff, Co. Sheriffs Dept. $35,000].  But more importantly, that system will have an IT guy [Information Technology] to maintain the system. This is not as simple as plugging a phone line into your modem.  Clayton will not be charging a fee for the surrounding communities to use it. Could our police vehicles make that trip to Clayton?   Will there be overtime as a result of the 20 or 30 fingerprints that the PD makes yearly?

Did I miss anything?
OH!  Call your favorite VB member and ask them what is going on with the NEW Snow Plow Truck?  Ya know the one the village ordered in the fall but probably will not receive it until the end of this month!  Or ask them how much the refurbished garbage truck actually cost the tax payers.......I could go on and on......end rant!

What will the New Year Bring?