Monday, April 29, 2013

Ambit Savings In The Bay

Alexandria Bay:

The Village has 15 separate metered electric accounts. For example, there are separate accounts  for the Anthony Street Pump [harbor villa] , Fuller Street Pump, and Alexandria Bay General  and so on.  I chose these as examples because they represent a sampling of small, medium, and large electric usage. From 12/21/11 to 12/20/12 or 1/20/12 to 1/22/13, all the electric accounts were supplied by an alternate electric supplier, AMBITEnergy.

I have been critical of these types of companies in the past and some of you might question why I am sharing information that shows that AMBITEnergy actually saved the village money.  I have several reasons for doing so..... Number 1 is to show that I am a grownup wearing big boy pants.  The other reasons..... well.... they are for me to know and for you to wonder about.  I know that sounds childish, but, you see.... I can be both a child and an adult.  I feel very comfortable with both of those roles.  How about YOU!  All 15 accounts showed a savings.  If you want to view each, you can contact the Village offices...

The samples that I cited above  are listed below.  Click to view are larger image:

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Local Talent: Trenton Service

A few weeks ago I was at a local fund raiser.  John Meyers was entertaining the crowd with some songs, when a young man stepped up on stage and sat behind the drums.  Assuming a perfect drummers posture, Trenton Service started to beat on those drums sliding seamlessly into a song that John Meyers was playing.   A very impressive performance by 14 year old Trenton........ watch the video! The crowd was impressed too, especially Trenton's mother, Amanda, and grandmother Nina, who can be heard enthusiastically applauding towards the end of the video.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Special Meeting

Alexandria Bay:

The Village of Alexandria Bay Board of Trustees will hold a meeting on April 29, 2013 at 5 pm to discuss water rates, schedule a public hearing to consider adopting the water rates, adopt the 2013-2014 Fiscal Budget, Introduce a Local Law to amend the Zoning Code, and any other such Business that may come before the Board.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Poll Results "The Peoples Choice"

Town Of Alexandria:

Over the past few days, 128 households have participated in a Poll to "get a feel" for who your choice was to fill the Vacant Town Council Seat. Please note that I waited till after tonight's interview of the candidates began, which started at 5:30pm.  One other note: this poll is subject to error and was for entertainment purposes only.  Which makes it as reliable as the Sienna Poll.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Time to do some spring cleaning in your medicine cabinet.  Clear out those unused or expired medications. Drop them off at the Alexandria Bay Kinney Drugs for safe disposal.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


People are talking and gossiping while at their kitchen table, coffee table or at the bar.  This has been done since man picked up his first tool and discovered fire.  People talk about you and me, it is what it is. But that is all that it is, just talk.  It is not credible, there are no facts, just idle chatter and some wild accusations.

This type of talk has no substance and tends to fade away into oblivion.  Contrary to popular belief, I always try to present my readers with concrete documentation in the form of audio, video, or paper media.  Then I interject my opinion based on my interpretation of that documentation.  I avoid the trap of discussing  the many roles of a persons private life.  I focus on their role as politician or other public figure role that they may have.

There is litigation going on in this town and I refuse to get this blog involved.  It is nothing that interests me. I have not and will never voice an opinion over something that is currently in the courts.  The court will discover the truth without any help from me.  My ego is not that big that I would ever presume that my opinion would ever be above the outcome of a court of law.

There are some wild allegations being discussed privately.  Some are trying to defend people from those allegations by posting rebuttals on Facebook. Commenting on Facebook only gives the coffee table gossip substance.  This good intention  turns the spoken gossip into tangable  text.  Most people will not start to believe in gossip until someone puts it into text on Facebook or other social media.  There is a lot of truth to peoples misconceptions of the world wide web : It Must Be True, I Saw It On The Internet.. which of course is false!

Interviewing The Candidates?

What a novel Idea!

Town Of Alexandria:

In January of this year, Town Councilman James Durand resigned. After 3 months, this vacancy has yet to be filled.  During public comments at the 4.10.13 town meeting, two concerned citizens suggested that the remaining board members interview the four candidates.  The board adopted this suggestion and a date of  April 22nd was established for the board to meet and interview them.  One would think that this should have been part of the boards original plan, evidently it was not!

Below is the audio from the public comments portion of the 4.10.13 meeting  These comments are generic and do not endorse any specific candidate.  During this meeting, one candidate was specifically endorsed.  I did not include that out of fairness to the other candidates that were not represented  and endorsed at this meeting.

Friday, April 19, 2013

A Coup d'état In The Local Republican Party

Town Of Alexandria:

Some are calling this "New" Republican Party The Tea-Baggers.  I have another name for them.....

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Local Couple Wins $10,000 Prize From CBS Survivor Show

Julius Caesar was warned to beware of the Ides Of March.  He ignored this advice and subsequently was assassinated.  To this day, some view March 15th as a day to be wary.  

And so the story goes for a local couple Steve and Jean Side. Jean told me that they were aware of the significance of this ominous historical date. When the phone rang at the Side's residence on the afternoon of the 15th, Jean noticed that the caller ID showed an unregistered phone number and hesitantly answered the call. A woman at the other end said "good afternoon, this is Susie from CBS Interactive." Suzie continued by asking 3 questions: "Are you over the age of 18, do you live in the 50 United States, and do you or your family work for CBS or any of its affiliates?” Jean answered yes, yes, and no to each of the questions.

At this point Jean's husband, Steve is looking at her rather quizzically.  Suzie continues by saying "Congratulations... you have just won Player of the Week for week 12 of last season’s Survivor!”  Jean admitted that her mind was screaming SCAM, who's wouldn't?  Jean asked Susie, “Ok, what did we win?”  Susie replied, "You have just won the $10,000 prize.”

Steve could not help but notice that Jean's jaw dropped.  She quickly filled Steve in on what Suzie just told her. Jean and Steve told me that their hearts were pounding with excitement but they were still skeptical.  “For the next 30 minutes Suzie tried to convince me that this was not a scam,” said Jean.  According to Suzie, 26 skeptical people either hung up on her or did not return her call within the allotted time.  This made the Side's the 27th alternate…winners by default.

Steve and Jean received some forms that had to be notarized and returned to CBS Interactive.  Before doing so, the couple contacted the NY State Police and the Attorney General’s Office.  Both agencies told the couple that they were not aware of any "Survivor Scam.”  Feeling a little more confident, Steve and Jean e-mailed the completed forms to CBS.

Five days later their $10,000 check arrived via FedEx. Still not 100% believing that this was not a scam, the couple deposited their check.  After some investigation, the bank verified that the check was authentic and had cleared. It was then time for celebration.

Steve and Jean agree that it is truly sad that our society has become so suspicious.  “We keep thinking of the 26 people that could have won, but were too skeptical to listen to Susie.  Normally we hang up on telemarketers, but that day we let Susie talk, maybe we were bored.  The Ides of March was definitely a great day for us.”  

Winner Of The Macsherry Library Questionnaire

Macsherry Library
112 Walton St., Alexandria Bay, NY 13607
Phone: 315-482-2241
Fax: 315-482- 2241

The Macsherry Library User Questionnaire is now closed and the staff and Board of Trustees would like to Thank You for your responses! We received a wonderful response and valuable feedback!

We would like to Congratulate Mike Green of Alexandria Bay, NY who was the winner of the drawing for a $50 Dinner Gift Certificate to the Riveredge Resort!

Thank you again for your support and feedback!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Sub @ JRECKS In The Bay

We like the Italian Style Meatball Subs, but JRECK Subs in the Bay is offering a new Meatball Sub called the Smokey Mountain Meatball.  It is a little bit smokey and nice and sweet.  You won't find this at any other JRECK Shop, this is an exclusive sub, Only in the Bay......If you try The Smokey Mountain Sub, tell them you read about it on....
the circus

Monday, April 15, 2013

Third Annual Meatloaf Cook Off - Benefit

Alexandria Bay:

This years benefit is for Debbie Cheesman, Her husband Robert "Bob" passed away in February of this year.  This  benefit also coincided with Bob's birthday, he would have been 73.

Over 20 meatloaf recipes were submitted for this years contest. Shelly Monica took second place and Joanne Snyder came in third. And once again Nina Dack was the champion "meatloafer".  Nina took first and second place at last years meatloaf contest.  If you have never attended this Meatloaf Cook off Benefit, keep your eye[s] open for next years contest.  It keeps getting bigger and better!

Friday, April 12, 2013

POLL Vacant Town Council Seat

Town Of Alexandria:

Please participate in this poll

Your Choice For Vacant Town Council Seat?
  free polls 

I just tried voting in a poll, but it said I already voted! Why?
To try to keep polls more accurate, one measure we use is to allow one vote per IP address. If your network is set up so that all users share a single IP, and someone else on your network has already voted, only one vote will be accepted.

Bloggers Note:
All the different poll makers I looked at use the IP Address as a way to eliminate one person from voting more than once.  So if you have more than one person or more than one computer in your house and you share the same modem then unfortunately that house  gets to vote one time only.  We are not trying to determine a winner with this poll, rather, it is a way to get a "feel" for the popular opinion.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

"She" Saw Something Nice About You

I was reading an article on  And I thought, how cool is that.  C.F.B. was being recognized by Senator Patty Ritchie.  I will admit that I was jealous and wishing that the Captain had given me first dibs on this story about his special recognition.  But, such is life in the world of blogs, it is a dog eat dog world.  Feel Good stories come and go, sometimes you get lucky and snag one, and other times..... well.... the other guy gets it.

Tonight, my son came down stairs and said "hey dad look what I got at school today".  Of course I said "show me"!  He had two papers in his hands and handed them to me.  Looking at them, my jaw dropped, just a little bit.  So much for my poker face.  What I saw in my hands was identical to the "saw something nice about you and wanted to share" from Senator Patty Ritchie. The same "letter" sent to C.F.B.

Awkward moment! I found myself explaining to my son how Senator Ritchie was trying to give special recognition to different people in her district.  He said 'but dad, the school office handed out a bunch of these at school today". Geez... apparently Senator Ritchie had someone scouring the local papers and blitzed these special recognition's throughout her district.  Nice gesture on her part, but very poor execution. The large numbers of these letters kind of takes the "special" out of her recognition. Which leaves me a little disappointed.


Town Of Alexandria:

Sounds like a coup... out with the old in with the new.  Thankfully nobody uses the old Tricky Dick double peace signs anymore.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Four Candidates for Open Board Seat

Town Of Alexandria:

Item #7 on tomorrows Town Board Meeting Agenda [4.10.13] is Four Candidates for Open Board Seat. Not sure if this just an introduction of the four, or the final selection of The One?  Kind of an odd way to word it..... I have no clue who each candidate is, nor do I really care.  May the best Man, Woman, or Wolf be selected....

Monday, April 8, 2013

MeatLoaf Cook-Off

Last years Cook-Off was a very fun event.  Where else can you try some really outrageous [and traditional] Meatloaf recipes, all for only $7..... all going to a worthy cause.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Macsherry Library User Questionnaire FINAL Week


Macsherry Library
112 Walton St., Alexandria Bay, NY 13607
Phone: 315-482-2241
Fax: 315-482- 2241

The staff at the Macsherry Library Thank You for your responses to the Library User Questionnaire! We remind you that you still have time to participate! The online link will remain active through Friday April 12, 2013. When you complete the questionnaire you will be directed to another link where you can enter to win a $50 Dinner Gift Certificate to the Riveredge Resort.

Participation is completely voluntary and your responses are anonymous. The contact information you provide for the Dinner drawing is not linked in any way to the Library Questionnaire.

You may access the questionnaire link at: by clicking here or find links on the Macsherry Library Facebook page and website; River Hospital Facebook page; Thousand Island Sun; Alexandria Central Schools School Library Media Center web page; The Circus website; and

We look forward to hearing your suggestions on ways to improve our library services!

Spring Thing

I was talking to someone the other day and he asked me "what you had been up to"?  I replied "we  have been doing our Spring Thing".  Cleaning up all the fall and winter debris. I went on to explain that  our corner property has a lengthy grass section that butts up to the streets, which requires a lot of raking.  He says, "I see your son out there raking the other day,  "I didn't think kids did that anymore".

When I was a kid, I don't recall ever enjoying all that yard work.  I had that teen mentality, always dragging my feet, shoulders slumped, head down, mumbling.  It was if I was on my way to the electric chair.  Today, the role is reversed, now I am the dad that drags his reluctant son outside to do some yard work.  My approach is different than my father's.  I gather a couple of bow rakes, leaf rakes, shovel, broom and the wheelbarrow.  I explain to my son the difference between the bow and the leaf rakes followed by a demonstration.  Next, I show him how to rake as a team, then how to do rake by himself.  I could see that he suddenly realized what was coming.  My son was going to have to take ownership of this chore and it was  to be his spring break project.

I came home from work the other day and glanced at the lawn as I pulled into the driveway.  Not bad, I thought.  My son seemed eager for me to critique his work.  I told him "job well done", you get an A+.  Maybe part of his success is that I am a teacher, the other part is that he is a good kid as most are.  All  kids need today is a little guidance and some praise.  Kids will work, if you show them how.

Bloggers Note:  Nothing new regarding local politics or events.  I am preparing a post about the Riverwalk project, which may raise some eyebrows.  Other than that, just plugging along doing our Spring Thing.  For my video fans, I am working on a project for a couple of musicians.  Here is a sneak peek:

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Final Week Slip, Slide & Skate

Our little skater has gone through 4 weeks of intensive and rigorous skating lessons at the Watertown Ice Arena.  Brutal exercises, like chasing and catching bubbles. Maintaining her stamina was a key element in honing her skating skills.  While training on the ice, she was subjected to eating M&M's on the fly.  Such punishment, We don't know how she had the fortitude to complete her lessons.  But, she and others succeeded and were rewarded with medals.  Stay tuned for next years advanced moves on the ice.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Village Budget Hearing

Alexandria Bay:

The Budget Public Hearing will be on  04/16/13 at 5 pm at 110 Walton Street, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607. The Village Budget will be available for your review  on April 12th at the Village office during regular business hours, and on the Village of Alexandria Bay's website ( on April 12th